WooGLE bug with circlegravity and hinge

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I wanted to make a new level with an rotating planet... theres a little problem:

if the hinge of the Planet is also the center of the gravity it is ciritcal.

If I'm removing the radialgravity, it works, if not, the game just freezez when it shows me the startdisplay "levelname" "description".

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Hmm... not seeing that here... Puzzled

Putting a non-static geometry object exactly at the center of a radial field is a known problem, and WooGLE (v0.74+) should give you a Critical warning about that.

I've just tried putting the object slightly off centre, and putting a hinge to that object exactly at the centre, and it works OK for me.

Always interested in ways to crash the game, but WooGLE doesn't warn you....
Could you make a goomod of the level "as-is" (so it crashes) and upload it, so I can take a look. Smile

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yes I'll post it now.

and yes i meant an non-static object Smile

EDIT: ohhh... ahh ^^ got it thank you Laughing out loud

just wonder why this problem exists...

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So... hang on... pls confirm...
You think your problem was the "known problem"...

WooGLE was giving you the Critical Warning and not letting you play the level?

So you ran the game normally and tried to play it that way... and it crashed?

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no it didnt crashed.. and he said no ciritial warning, it just did nothing... and if i want to make the level to a goomod file it dosent does anything too...

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OK... that's weird!
Does the level use any custom balls or anything like that?

Can you make a zip of all the files in the level folder, and upload it somewhere, or email it to me. wogfan at hotmail.co.uk

I'd like to take a look.. see what's going on. Puzzled

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what do you exactly want?

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Well... everything to do with the level.

Locate the level folder... {Game folder}/res/levels/{YourLevelName}
Zip the whole thing, so I get all .bin and .xml files and any graphics or anything else that's in there.

Then I can take a look and see what might be causing the trouble.

WooGLE catches almost all the problems we know about, so if you've found something new that WooGLE can't detect, but it still crashes the game.. we'd like to know, so that we can put a check into the next version of WooGLE.

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"we" ^^ meaning Daft as Brush. Smile

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maybe he is some kind of monarch or something Wink

His Majesty, King Daft as Brush the First

-"Your Royal Daftness, there is an error with circular gravity in your mighty WooGLE!"
-"We will taketh care of that, but it better be true, or you're a head shorter by this time tomorrow! Guards!!!"

(maybe this would amuse the king more, if i would be familiar with that kind of lingo...)

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Why you post that video?Quest