Mods that are not GooTool v1.0.3 Compatible

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It's possible that GooTool will now refuse to install some existing / older goomods. The main reason will be ".bin files in the override folder", but there could be other reasons too.

Please post here if you find an addin which used to work, but now comes up with an error with the new version of GooTool...

Before you post.
Please check you have the latest version of the addin, because it may already have been fixed.

Please post the addin name / id , version , author and the error message GooTool gives

The Metal Sandbox v2.1.5 (beta) by inwog
Bin files are not allowed in the override directory.
Fixed in v2.2 (Gamma) of the addin

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Industrial Revolution-L1 v1.0 by spazturtle
Bin files in override folder

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Just wondering what should be done about these goomods with .bins in the wrong place...
Spazturtle, for example, isn't terribly active on these forums, and I doubt that he has much time to fix his mod.
Should we appoint some kind of committee (or person/people) to go through and fix the mods for inactive forum members?

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Some of my levels weren't compatible with Goo Tool 1.0.3 because of .bin files in /override/ folder.

Now following addins fixed:
Train of Death
The Goomino
Fire Trouble
Building Adventures

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While your on, fix the version in goomod different from the goofans download page version problem.

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