OCD problems

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Please help! I can't put ocd in my level! I saw how to but I don't know what to put in the "value" box.

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For ball-collecting ocd, type: balls,40 (40 is number of balls required for OCD)
For moves ocd, type: moves,15 (15 is number of moves for OCD)
For time ocd, type: time,35 (35 is time in secounds)

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Or you can leave it blank, it will say "This one is mine. -The Sign Painter" and OCD will be impossible.

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By the way, a side note... OCD won't work when testing your level directly from WooGLE. If you click on Menu -> OCD the game will lock up and give you the "Fatal Error", and if you finish the level while achieving the OCD it won't acknowledge it.

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