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If anyone remembers, I've always been trying to make a utility for easy addin-creation. (GooMaker, GooModder, Level Master)

I always quit/was too lazy to finish them. Not to mention they had some compatibility issues.

Well, I'm trying once again to make a similar program, hopefully not ending in disaster. After a few hours of development, I'm almost done with a lame starter version. As you can guess, I'm in need of some testers.

If anyone would like to try it out as soon as a test-version is up, post here.


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Sure. I can be your offical Linux tester.

No, actually, I want to start getting better with tweaking Wine and such, so it would be cool if I could get your program (It's a simple .NET GUI, right?) up and running in Linux. It'd at least be fun to try. And if it does work, then you can claim cross-platform compatibility.

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I will be the common tester and MOM...please erase "angry Birds", I have Another idea....That will be better!

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Mmmkay? Wink

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Hehe, why would you want to delete that? That was one of the few "modern" levels I've actually downloaded. I don't download many anymore.

That sounds great. See if you can get it to work with Wine. I'm pretty sure .NET is supported by Wine, amirite?

Anyway, I'll let you all know as soon as I have a functional version ready. I was a little off on the timing, it might take a few more days. I'll keep you posted.

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Ehh, just dug around winehq and some versions of .NET seem to not work at all (the most recent versions. Doh). What version of .NET are you using? I'll do my best to get it working (and document it for future Linux users, which will probably just be me).

Of course, Wine is for Mac as well as Linux, but I think the two work slightly differently, or something.

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I've used Wine on my friend's mac, and it seems to be about the same as for Linux.

Using .NET 4.0 (from 2010)

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Yeah, digging around winehq shows that just about nobody has gotten .NET 4.0 to even install.

I'll take a stab at it, but I doubt I can if all the gurus can't.

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Sounds like a Linux version is out of the question.. Hmm, ever hear of Virtualbox?

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Alright, I have a somewhat functional version ready.

but BEWARE. It's EXTREMELY buggy and can only do the very MINIMUM to make a goomod. Like I said before, I'm just giving you the first stage that can be called a "program" and will be nothing like the finished product.

Please note this (very buggy) version only creates a zip file, not a goomod. I'm still working on the renaming because the filezipping gets messed up otherwise. There are also some strange elevation issues, but I'll let you see for yourself.

Mediafire: Slimedrop

Please post every bug you can find and tell me if this is worthy of further development.

EDIT: You may need this.

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Guh. I'm keen on beta-testing, but it says that the PC I'm using (one of two I commonly use) doesn't have the proper .NET framework installed. I'll see if the other PC has it later on, but I doubt it since this one is way newer and all. If that's the case I might need to install it.

Personally though, I'm content with making goomods from scratch. It's not too difficult if you know how, and it makes you feel smart Laughing out loud But I still think it's a good idea for those who don't want to learn.

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Updated the post with link for .NET

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Oh that's tiny. Well, I'll download it on the other PC, and hopefully give you a list of bugs today Tongue

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/me reboots to Windows, after failing miserably to get .NET 4 to work on Linux. Tongue

EDIT: Oooh, Just clicked "Locate Addin.xml", then "Cancel", and it threw an exception. Naughty, naughty.
Same with "Text.xml".
Same if you save without loading an addin.xml or text.xml

A back button would be nice.
Other den dat, looks pretty nice.

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I know as a developer there are a lot more flaws. Not to mention I plan on making it far more easier to use than that. I plan on having easy editing for the addin.xml and text.xml as well as showing the folders with nodes and treeviews.

Like I said before this is just the first usable version. Only a few hours of work.

Thanks for your feedback.