Something weird about the pipe in WooGLE

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I read this tutorial and copied the BEAUTY pipe and renamed it PINK just for testing. I wrote the following XML in properties/resources.xml.bin before the line<!-- misc common resources -->:

	<!-- pink pipe -->
    <Image id="IMAGE_GLOBAL_PIPE_PINK"                      path="res/images/levelimages/pipe_horiz_Beauty"/>
    <Image id="IMAGE_GLOBAL_PIPE_BEND_TL_PINK"              path="res/images/levelimages/pipe_bend_tl"/>
    <Image id="IMAGE_GLOBAL_PIPE_BEND_BR_PINK"              path="res/images/levelimages/pipe_bend_br"/>
    <Image id="IMAGE_GLOBAL_PIPE_BEND_TR_PINK"              path="res/images/levelimages/pipe_bend_tr"/>
    <Image id="IMAGE_GLOBAL_PIPE_BEND_BL_PINK"              path="res/images/levelimages/pipe_bend_bl"/>
    <Image id="IMAGE_GLOBAL_PIPE_CAP_OPEN_PINK"             path="res/images/levelimages/pipeCap_Beauty"/>
    <Image id="IMAGE_GLOBAL_PIPE_CAP_CLOSED_PINK"           path="res/images/levelimages/pipeCap_closed_Beauty"/>

And I try to test this pipe in my level so I set pipe.type=PINK. When I test level, WooGLE warned me something. Here are the warnings:

Global Checks:
Warning: Resource IMAGE_GLOBAL_PIPE_PINK in Global resource file [more info]
... (and the same warnings about other resources listed above)

But when I test this level, everything works well. When I tried to make a goomod, WooGLE refused to do so and give the same description as above. Do someone know how to fix it?

By the way, I think something of the goomod in the tutorial is lost. Where is the xsl of the global resources file?

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Copied and pasted from the tutorial:

Custom Pipes Tutorial wrote:

If you plan to use this pipe in just 1 or 2 levels, you should add the resources to the level directly. Import the pipe images into your level then change the resource ids to match the list below. WooGLE will then automatically include the pipe resources and graphics in the goomod.

If you plan to make a level pack or chapter which uses the custom pipe many times, you should add the resources to the global properties/resources.xml.bin. However, you will need to add a merge file and all the necessary graphics to the goomod yourself.

Both problems solved.

As it states, if you only want it in a single level, add the pipe graphics to the level's resources, and it will allow you to goomod it. If it is used in a level pack, add it to the global resources and make the merge file yourself.

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Okay. But why WooGLE warns that and refused to make a goomod? That's weird. It should be fixed...

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I dunno. I seem to recall it creating a resources.xml.xsl for custom effects, so I don't see why it doesn't do it for pipes. In any case it's best to do it in your levels resources anyway (to avoid possible conflicts), unless you're doing it for multiple levels.

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Okay. I'm just testing. Thanks for your help.

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It's in order to make it more efficient (smaller goomods), but there should be an option to disable it. ATM I have to hand-edit the scene XML file for every single level in APc3 to switch the pipe color. Same with any resource included multiple order to make it more efficient, WooGLE clones the image or sound into EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE LEVELS' DIRECTORY. So much for efficiency...

Another Planet finally has an official release! Download chapters 1 through 3 here! Thank you for waiting so long while I kept starting over.

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Yeah, WooGLE is optimized for single-level addins, not chapter packs or multi-level addins. Hopefully I'll be learning Python this coming semester in college, so I can get cracking. Laughing out loud