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So we know there are two types of particles. One is a type of particles that has a center, another is one without center. How can you change the type?


Particle movement direction. It seems that changing a movedirection of a particle effect with a center does not affect the actual direction. Why?


Which one of the two properties starting with "direction" actually changes the direction?

Anyone? Please?

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One of them uses an ambientparticleeffect tag, the other is just particleeffect. Ambient means screen-wide.

You probably want to have directional set to true for that. Wink

Both, in combination.

Hope this helps.

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Those are no secrets, it's very well documented here Wink:

The attributes your are searching are movedir and movedirvar.

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OK! Thanks! That was quick!

EDIT Its weird how it changes nothing though. Ill check the page.

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What value did you use and what was the original one?
What is the movdirvar value?

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I tried making an effect like bubbles, which go up. Copied all the values except for the image and id.

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Ok, but you said you've changed some attributes and nothing changed at all. Which attributes have you changed and which values did you use?