The old tutorial system

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Before the initial release the early World of Goo use to have tutorial bubble, like this:

and the old level use to have the tutorial.xml and tutorialres.xml
if there is some way we can make this thing going again it will be useful
(well not so much useful) because i need that for my new game

if you never play the early World of Goo you can download it here

any suggestion?

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According to 2DBoy's blog post about it, they ripped out the old tutorial system entirely, and the only thing that remained was the "Drag and Drop to Build to the Pipe" sign in Going Up. I'd recommend using a similar signpost or two if you desperately need it, as afaik all that old tutorial code is completely 100% gone forever.

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Yeah, they probably thought that tutorial bubbles were too common and that signposts were a more unique concept (that's how I see it anyway). Someone like goomatz might find some inconceivably clever way to make some sort of hacky tutorial bubbles, but yeah I think MOM's probably right.

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Hmm, come to think of it, if you do something similar to what I did with the WOG2_Tech Goo Balls, you could have an image covering your tutorial sign (looking like the background or such) that explodes to reveal the next tutorial signpost...

But yah, other than that, nothing's coming to mind.

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so you are saying that 2D boy throw away all that stuff?

then i have another question:
is it possible that we can use the level editor to edit the early World of goo?

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Probably not. It worked pretty differently, and I'm sure the level's .xml structure has changed greatly. I recall in another thread that someone posted a level's scene.xml, it contained elements that are currently in level.xml.

Then again, depending on which version of the early WoG you're talking about, there may not even be XML files to edit.

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If I recall correctly, the tutorials were actually XML, which is kinda cool.

I'm 99% sure that 2DBoy threw out that tutorial code entirely, though there's no telling without the source code.

Feel free to try to edit the old levels in WooGLE, you'll just have to encrypt them first since they were unencrypted XML back in the day. I doubt it'll work, but it's worth a shot.

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The polygons won't, and I don't remember if the SceneLayers were still called that. Almost everything has minor changes.

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