Custom level starts the normal World of goo

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Whenever I want to play a level that I made in Woogle it just starts the normal Game and my Level is nowhere to be seen!
I have downloaded the latest version of Wog but it hasent made a difference!


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Are you really sure you are running version 1.3 of "World of Goo" with WooGLE? Puzzled

Check out the FAQ page of WooGLE for more information.

Here you can get the patch:

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How are you starting WoG? You should just hit "play" button in WooGLE (not double clicking worldofgoo.exe).

Does WooGLE report any bugs?

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Do manually, search in the "levels" carpet your level directoryand search a.goomod with your levelname then doubleclick on it and goo tool will open it.

If this doesn´t works be secure to be editating in the right world of goo directory

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