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Hello Everybody

I' m having a problem with my World of Goo. Standard game resolution is 800 x 600 and it does not look good on my 17 cal laptop with 1600 x 900 resolution. So, i checked in the internet and there was written that we can change resolution changing the numbers in the properties folder in config file. So i did it, and the game looks really lovly, but every time i finish the level, i can't go further because there isn't a "cord", there is just a black line...

This does not happen when i play game in 800 x 600.
Here is how does it look ( this is the photo of my phone, i couldn't do a screen shot ) -->

Maibe someone knows how to fix it???


Adam : ]

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Editing the resolution always moves the "continue" button too far off-screen. My suggestion is doing it in GooTool, which automatically changes the location of said button for every resolution. You can download it here on this site.

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Isn't the resolution-change-hides-the-continue-lever problem fixed in the 1.3 patch? Dunno. Anyhoo, it's good if you have the patch anyway. Link in my signature below.

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Oh, heh maybe.

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Hi Guys

I dowloaded GooTool, installed java 1.6, copied game and changed resolution but the "continue" button still is too far of the screen :<
And the patch link does not work - "Internal Server Error"
I am from Poland, and in our country game is only in 1.0 version, i found unoffical patch for polish version of game here --> , but i i don't know does my game will work when i install it...

What i can do??

EDIT: I installed unoffical polish patch and changed resolution without GooTool and everything is fine Smile

Thank You very much Guys for help.

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Hmm, strange, the link works for me.

Well, anyway, glad you got it working. Happy Goo-ing!

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Hmm? I clicked it and it works for me too..

Well, you got it to work, so like MOM said...Happy Goo-ing!

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I got an Internal Server Error earlier on as well. Since I was reinstalling WoG for technical purposes, I was forced to look for the patch elsewhere. But it's working now for me too, it was probably some temporary thing.