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I downloaded World of Goo on my computer. My son made his profile first and then I made one for myself. I found the game to be addictive and even started building a tower. I have joined these forums and wanted to post my tower. When I downloaded the gootool to do this it found my son's name jman but it didn't find mine. I uninstalled gootool and then deleted his name (he wasn't far into the game so it didn't hurt him). When I reinstalled the gootool again it put his name back up even though I deleted his name from the game. What do I do?

I killed Bob the Builder!

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Sounds like an old profile that's still being recognized by GooTool. Did you start by installing the demo? Where'd you get the game from?

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My son downloaded the game from the utorrent.

I killed Bob the Builder!

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Sorry, I don't really know anything about pirated versions of the game. Though I would suspect that if you bought the game from , the problems might go away. Wink

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Yes, GooTool is designed not to work right with pirated versions. Although it doesn't catch it if you copy the whole WorldOfGoo folder. Wink

Anyway, buy the game from 2D Boy. It's worth the $20. I don't remember any other game I've played recently that I like more.

And once you have the full game, you can play the older mods as well, like TfR and FL.

Another Planet finally has an official release! Download chapters 1 through 3 here! Thank you for waiting so long while I kept starting over.

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I bought it on steam, so i get the rewards. btw freespirit5795, you don't have to buy it from steam.


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I'm a little surprised you actually told use about how you pirated it. Tongue uTorrent. Gawsh. Use torrent-site-name-withheld! Seriously, it's worth the $20. It is very fun, and it'd be best to support the creators.