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Welcome to GooFans! If you are asking questions regarding the game World of Goo, please read this notice before submiting.

A lot of people think this is 2DBoy, and end up here from the 2DBoy website, by one of these ways:

  1. On the FAQ: "I couldn't find the answer to my question here, what now?
    Many questions regarding the game, gameplay, and some technical issues can be found on our forum. Try searching there. If you can't find the answer, please contact us and we'd be happy to help you."
    When you click on forum, it says:
    "Forums under construction. In the meantime, go here."
    When you click on here, it leads you to GooFans, so the user who needs help may assume we are 2DBoy.
  2. Clicking on Contact, you get this question:
    "How to solve a level? Hints? Bug reporting?
    forum is the fastest way to get help"
    This leads you to GooFans AGAIN.
  3. Also, if you directly click on forums on the main page, it leads straight to GooFans.

As you can see, this site is just a fan site inspired by 2DBoy, and although we may have some help to you, we can not do everything. We are not saying we don't want to help you, but although we are helping you to the best of our ability, we are not magic. We cannot make updates and we are not directly connected to the creators of World of Goo.

Thank you for your time. Have a goo-d day!


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Another Planet finally has an official release! Download chapters 1 through 3 here! Thank you for waiting so long while I kept starting over.

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Fixed some typos, grammar and spelling mistakes, reformatted, added some missing bits, and deleted the last sentence. I also merged points 1 and 2, since 1 made no sense by itself.

By the way, kirdneh, I have no problem with the way you write posts. I just thought to make it easier for new users to read or understand. Hope that's all right Smile

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it's ok. now we may avoid some confusion!


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That´s cool for newbies, Good job!

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