Does a purchase of world of goo entitle one to updates on precise?

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I purchased world of goo from the ubuntu store and love the game. I am using 64 bit precise and so far the game has run fine. For some reason the updates through its ppa are coming up as unauthorized. I gave a detailed description of this at askubuntu here:

The output when I do my regular sudo apt-get update that is signalling an error when trying to update world of goo is:

>W: Failed to fetch <a href="" title=""></a>  The requested URL returned error: 401
>W: Failed to fetch <a href="" title=""></a>  The requested URL returned error: 401
>E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.
The ppa itself was set up by the software center with the following line extracted by running the following bash code
/etc/apt/sources.list.d/*.list | grep ppa
deb <a href="" title=""></a> precise main #Added by software-center; credentials stored in /etc/apt/auth.conf

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The developers at ubuntu tell me it is apparently a known bug and a fix in the works. So hopefully this is resolved.

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If it doesn't become resolved, just get a software copy off of Amazon.

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That doesn't really help, gootrooper97. He's talking about the Linux version, anyway, which Amazon doesn't carry.

@mcwog: Hopefully that gets fixed soon. Sorry for the lack of response; this is just a fan site, and we can't always help with everything. Smile

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Let alone MOM is like the only person here that knows anything about the Linux version, so I can't really give any helpful input. Hope it gets fixed though.

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i don't have linux. sorry about that.
maybe could ask 2DBoy:


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thanks for the replies. I never received a reply from developer but it does appear to be an ubuntu software store bug that is causing the problem for quite a lot of people.

The issue is not resolved as of now but the bug can be tacked here:

final update:
Given up on ubuntu store just trying to get refund now. Sad