Crash while loading virtual corporation.(android)

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I have the same problem as here:

I really enjoyed game, but now I'm stuck, because there is no way to receive and read mail from mom.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 - Android 4.04

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Huh, well no real progress has been made here to do with our knowledge of the Android version of the game, so we (or at least I) can't help much. I would suggest reinstalling, and maybe closing any unnecessary background apps.

If that doesn't work I'd just say try and email 2D Boy.

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Nothing help, closing background apps was first thing i done. Reinstalling etc. doesn't affect either. Mail to 2dboy sent hour ago. I will post, when they reply.

Update 1.06 for Android solves this problem (at least for me).

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If anyone else has this problem and that fix doesn't work, it is possible to edit your profile and change the "terms and conditions accepted" flag on to continue.

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