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Ben's Profile
Events witnessed:
  • Connected to online leaderboard
  • World Of Goo Corporation opened
  • World Of Goo Corporation destroyed
  • Whistle found
  • Terms and Conditions accepted
Levels played: 58
Balls collected: 524
Total time played: 19 hours 18 min
World of Goo Corporation
Balls available: 300 total
75 bound
225 free
0 new
Construction: 52 nodes
124 strands
Height: 10.35m
World of Goo Corporation Construction
Official Levels
OCD Balls Moves Time
Going Up+0 balls1130:13
Small Divide+0 balls1680:32
Hang Low-9 balls13150:46
Flying Machine+22 time660:38
Ivy Towers-13 balls3643:20
Tumbler-23 balls12221:34
Chain-3 balls22463:56
Ode to the Bridge Builder-27 balls11533:20
Regurgitation Pumping Station+19 moves0614:13
Drool-2 balls22181:59
Fly Away Little Ones-3 balls91352:38
Beauty School+39 time1871:00
Leap Hole+148 time8532:41
Whistler+75 time2521:44
Welcoming Unit-24 balls37252:37
Impale Sticky+0 balls42151:17
Beauty and the Electric Tentacle-11 balls181273:44
Genetic Sorting Machine+39 moves15633:17
Burning Man+2 moves6131:06
Second Hand Smoke-9 balls16130:49
Misty's Long Bony Road-1 balls25472:46
Super Fuse Challenge Time-22 balls10230:37
Upper Shaft-35 balls10605:32
Water Lock-7 balls3730:53
You Have To Explode The Head-18 balls31633:24
Product Launcher+19 moves0311:47
Hello, World+5 time440:14
Bulletin Board System-9 balls4272:15
Graphic Processing Unit-4 balls8372:05
Graceful Failure+42 time7211:18
Alice and Bob and the Third Party+0 balls42204:26
MOM's Computer-5 moves0105:59
Deliverance+51 moves0585:29
The Red Carpet+29 moves18745:41
Observatory Observation Station0121:11
The Server Farm-6 balls18180:51
5 / 30 524 1,257 85:52
Fan Levels
OCD Balls Moves Time
AirBridge-4 balls8786:42
Albino's Bridge Passage-5 balls31362:34
Basic Period+0 balls24131:11
Beauty Ball Buster+12 moves18353:13
Bowling-3 balls710:12
Computerhazard+0 balls3560:31
Entering a Red Vine-8 balls12303:49
Far Lands - level 1+0 balls1430:17
Fly the Goos to the Sky+40 time8141:00
Fosters Home-45 balls6614110:08
High Pillar+0 balls24544:23
Hype Testing Chamber+0 balls1130:24
Jingle Balls-2 balls5513411:35
Meet The Sign Painter621:17
Pixel Trouble+2 balls87130:38
Sticky on Fire-1 balls15342:37
Test #1230:09
Test #2230:11
Test #3230:10
Test #4230:23
Zero G-2 balls510:41
dOn't Drink And sWiMm+0 balls18888:42