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New day in WoG Corp.

Welcome to world of goo corporation, we are testing our new product: "Cassettes"!


Also you can use images or cassettes in your mods, it's absolutly free idea.

Winter Tower

This is big custom level, with again a huge tower. This level i create by old version of Cog In The Machine.

The Big Underground Challenge

Our with Monochrome_95 version of lost level form Worlf of Goo. Thx to Fedor Ilyukhin#9442 for loopsound.

Black Lake

This level are some same like Winter Tower level but i made thi level by Old version of 1 Island.

Layout heaven

Explame how to use my graphics for making concept. Also check out the "res/images/Layout".
Пример использования моей графики для постройки концепта. Также посмотрите в "res/images/Layout".


The giant is very hungry.

Flight of the Gooballs
The start of the level, you'll have to see the rest for yourself ;)

This level (I think) is the first auto scroller level World of Goo has seen. In this level you must fly while avoiding obstacles in your path. I had the idea of this level for a while and started on it and left it sitting for quite a while. I decided to kill some time by finishing it. Feel free to take a look at how this level works. I'd love to see more auto scrollers because they are lots of fun to play.

The OCD is 3 moves. There are no additional gooballs to collect but don't lose any.

Music I used: Cloud Arcanine - Pokemon Black & White Legends

8 Ball
Starting the level

8 Ball in World Of Goo is here. Can you pocket all 15 balls while saving the 8 ball for last. Try to do it in as little moves as possible. Let me know what your high score is. (Or maybe I should call it low score since you want less moves.)

This level was made in about a day and a half. You can play with 2 people and take turns. The level will end in a game over this way and it won't be completed but you can still do 2 players.

Music: Disco Shmisco By Kenneth Young

Note: Widescreen is recommended for this level

Dragless Levels II
Snap to the Grid (overview)

Goosweek's Last Addin

I return after few years with those new levels. Each one has a different graphic theme!

  1. Snap to the Grid - just a detonation quest but the Grid prevents you to play with the Goos so easily...
  2. Ghost Wheel - it's invisible for Goo Balls unless you drag them.
  3. Tower in Madness - just a tower, but the spinning junk causes you can't hold the Goo Balls anywhere! (And the name is a reference to my 10th level)
  4. Antivirus - ISH-themed level involving invading a planet and passing through the infected area.
Uncharted Regions
UR title image, and bees

Uncharted Regions

A MWV (5 chapter) goomod by Jim2102. Big thanks to the squad for modding knowledge and support along the way.

What is this mod about?

Uncharted Regions takes place on a different planet, with 5 different regions to explore. Each region has a "hero" gooball, which appear on most levels in the chapter that it is assigned to. They can help you complete challenges and overcome obstacles more easily and efficiently. There are new gooballs in this mod, which should help expand the experience even more.