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JamesOfGoo's NotWOG2 Project Levels

Back when me, James, and a few other folks were working on the fanmade sequel project, there were a few ideas for storylines, new Goo Balls, and levels floating around. Nobody did anything with them. Well, hardly anybody. While the rest of us threw ideas around and talked stuff over and generally did nothing whatsoever, James here went off and actually did something. James made levels. Lots of them.

Space Battle
Space Battle

Fire The Cannons!

Goal: 3 balls
OCD: 75 seconds

by Albertt
background by MattOg

Weegee's Abode
What? Wait... who's in the corner? ...Oh no!

Part of the Computer Craziness pack!

The Colour of Goo
going up

A mod to add colour to common goos.

BUG School #2

A flower bug, not easy to learn.


ver1.1 - OCD is 5 balls now

The Forest
See? The tree really only partially explodes

The last of the Goo Balls didn't seem to notice...
that this level was in the goomod 1.1 format and that it needed GooTool 1.0.1 or higher to run it!
Or that the music from this level was adapted from Commander Keen episode 4!
Or that no one cares?

Anyway, blow up a dead tree to free a bunch of poor little Goo Balls trapped inside.

But it's just not quite as simple as it sounds.

Version 1.1 Release:

*Collision rectangles enlarged so balls no longer get stuck inside cliff
*Artwork improved slightly

Version 1.2 Release:

Robot Head Destroyers Levels
The Red Robot in Level 1 (Fire for Red)

Robot Head Destroyers Levels is the third set of levels. Try to explode the robot's head to access the pipe system. Addin made by inwog. The gray robot is the final robot in Robot Head Destroyers Levels.


Experimental Trickery!

Inspired by momo1526's "Pulley Up" idea... although it's nothing like that level.

Since then I've had a few more ideas of my own.

v0.2 - Better Spinner - New Signs
v0.3 - Mostly a few geometry tweaks
- Replaced the big Fire with a sticky out pipe, Moved a Sign
- Added a couple of particles and goo drips

v0.4 - New "feature" added about half way up
- New Util Ball - UtilNuker
- A couple of custom particle effects

This entire goomod was created automatically by WooGLE

World Spin

This addin places all the levels from the original game into chapter 1!

Concept and a lot of the work was done by Daft as Brush; I finished it up and packaged.

The idea for this is to make it so that chapter addins can override any of the other islands without worry of overwriting the original levels. Overriding island 1 will be prohibited in the near future because of this.

Beauty's Escape
Beauty and Ivys

My second level, based on Regurgitation Pumping Station (My favorite WoG level) Big smile!!
OCD is big, so take your time...
Please comment. Have fun!! Smile

/edit: Version 0.2 is out! EvilEyes replaced by a balloon and a rectangle geometry in the left side of the Gears and the lips added. I changed the OCD because I forgot that I deleted the EvilEyes. The Gears now spin. More Ivy Goos added.