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A Present from AP

The password to the internal 7Z will appear on Christmas. Happy holidays, everyone!

EDIT: The password is "aditus" without quotes.

I wanted to post this to show that the Goofans Game isn't necessarily dead, despite the long silence. After Red and Howitz left I eventually had a breakthrough with Box2D, and now there's a basic platform game set up. Try playing with the XML files.

BUG School #7

This level shows you the bug about a new gooball.But it's dangers!
Go up...
Special thanks to:@Mygod

Bomb Time
Finisi the level!

Now, have you seen that big round thing? It's time for POPING!

Line the beauty
Start game...Well here has a stranded beauty?

Through the gears and get the pipe!
OCD69s is difficult! I got it Wink .

The Zhaozhou Bridge

this is my first level about a bridge in the China.welcome to play!

Balloon Types
Custom Ballon ( Welcoming Unit )

This add - on is similar than jamerz do.
This will change the ballon goo into 8 types of balloon
1. Rainbow Balloon
2. Icy Balloon
3. Blue Star Balloon
4. Pixel Balloon ( Orange coloured., I want to fix this because it not looks pixelized)
5. Radioactive Balloon
6. Grass Balloon
7. Glassy balloon
8. Plasma Balloon

Hiking Adventure

"Hiking Adventure" is my first level. It is the lead single level for Winter Wonderland. This level is my second most downloaded level, first being "Literal To Digital." "Hiking Adventure" appeared on several releases: Its chapter Winter Wonderland, The KnoT Fest and The Ultimate Collection: 2013-2016. It is one of my best known levels to date.


Literal to Digital

"Literal to Digital" is my second level. The level was released simultaneously with Hiking Adventure. Not appearing on the debut chapter Winter Wonderland, the level became the first single level released with no chapter. The level is 100 downloads more than "Hiking Adventure", resulting into a more successful level. Literal to Digital is also known for its unique bug.


Ball And Chain

This is a level which definitely isn't for beginners, but advanced-level players might get a kick out of this one. The idea here is that the ball needs to be kept in containment, because it can, and most likely will, hinder the initial construction of the tower. The Leap Hole gimmick and the balloons are both needed. Use them wisely.

Also, clouds.

Balls required: 22
OCD requirement: 2 minutes or less
Ball types: 3 (Common, Ivy, Balloon)
Fire: No
Water: No
Wind: No
Things that move: Yes

Bird Of PREY
Bird of prey!

"Bird Of PREY" is my fifth single level. It is about an issue on the level "Weather Vane." It is pretty much like that level although, It doesn't have blades.

"Digital Jail"|"Bird Of PREY"|"Icing Up"