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About Me

How did I start my life as a goomodder?

One day, I was uninstalling some apps on my computer, then I saw GooTool there!
Then I looked up for the website and when I saw you can create your own levels, I immediately downloaded the level editor! Smile

I kept creating... and creating... goomods... and when I opened my account, I started uploading the best level I could make (The Ferris Wheel) and I started uploading my addins! I play a bunch of games like Rhythm Heaven, Pokemon, etc. CALL ME KASUMI PLEASE.

I like comments too. Wink

SUPRISE! SUPRISE! Party I like Love Live! anime, and the music. I also like computers, and Pokemon!

World of Goo

Towers by Kasumii999
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DARRELSat, 06/03/2017 - 11:1618.90m1,0085 days 2 hours
Addins by Kasumii999

Summer Festival

Start of level

It is not yet that near summer, but I would like to post because I haven't done anything here...

Anyway, this is just a simple level, and with the help of the sign painter, you can complete the level! There are two new balls, RinIdolMOM and RinIdol. Those are the only accepted gooballs in the pipe.

You'll hear a screaming sound when the MOM ball pops. Wink

The Commodore PET

bottom sleep

Welcome to 1977! This was one of the computers that were part of the "Big Three".
This is the 2001 version, which happens to be released in 1977, not 2001.

The Yosemite Travel

Why go near the mountain when you can climb it!
These gooballs want to explore the depths of yosemite!

Lush Woods


This chapter ROCKS!

This chapter is the very first I uploaded to goofans.
The ones with hyperlinks are here, whilst some don't.
Also, please uninstall EVERY SINGLE version of the levels in GooTool.

It contains:
Lush Tower
Honeybee Tower
Citrus Tower
Barbershop Tower
Machine Tower
Donut Tower

Misty's Long Foggy Road


Time to take a break for the Tower Series!

This shows you can make a level with fog that gets thicker and thicker. Wink

Machine Tower will come a few days later.

This will be below Hang Low. For people with new saves, it will unlock after completing Small Divide.

The resource glitch was fixed.

Songbird Tower ♪


Pink birds!

It was raining hard while I was making this.
Anyway, this is the 3rd before the last 2 towers, then the levelpack, then the chapter!

It has a feathery feel to it.

There's also a surprise when you finish the level. Wink

I challenge gooey goo to get 2 moves on this level. (or anyone who tries it, just tell me in the comments) Wink

Change log:
1.1 - Fixed the annoying falling bird so that it's much easier to finish the level. (but not for the 2 moves challenge, sorry Wink)

Barbershop Tower


Back again!

This is also part of my Tower Series!

And I used some resources from this.
The last towers will be Machine, Honeybee and Songbird towers.

I also followed gooey goo's Barber poles because he/she'll be very disappointed... Crying

I'll also make a chapter (or levelpack, I don't know) containing the towers and a few extra levels.

Donut Tower

donut ball

Aren't they delicious?


This is part of my Tower series, Lush, Honeybee, Citrus, Barbershop, Songbird, Machine, and Donut!

It's a sweet level with 3 new balls:
Donut - just a donut MOM ball.
DonutProduct - inside the Donut ball.
DonutBomb - sweet bomb Wink

I'll try to do my best to make sequels to these tower levels, as school is blocking my goomodding time, and my summer break is all the way in April.


Lush Tower 2


Remember my addin "Lush Tower"?
Now there is a sequel!

New features:
1. New BombLush look
2. KoolAidBlue MOM ball (contains 18 KoolAidBlueProduct)
3. LushLifter - grassy balloons Wink

I will add an update containing the new BombLush because the old one uses different ball look. It may replace the new one with the old one or reverse. Download the version 1.2.5 for compatibly with this level. Wink

Beauty and The Rocket


I'm back! Smile
This actually was a dream, but it didn't come how it was...
But I'm still happy with it!

The new butterfly balls are nice, but please attach TWO ONLY.
It flies fast...

v1.1 - Replaced Rocket with glass ball (from GraphicProcessingUnit), extended the invisible floor so the Beauty ball is safe and there are less Butterfly balls, reduced to 2 and still asleep.

Please attach the butterfly balls on the left and right because it will tip over.


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