Second Hand Smoke

Cog in the Machine

Normal: 12 balls
OCD: 25 balls

Previous level:
Burning Man.
Next levels:
Super Fuse Challenge Time,
Misty's Long Bony Road.

some balls are more flammable than other balls


More mysterious pipes appeared up in the sky!
What are they building in this factory?
There is a rumor...
'Everything changes in Chapter 4'
...whatever that means.
-the intrepid Sign Painter

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World of Goo OCD+1 - Second Hand Smoke (26 balls)
World of Goo OCD+1 - Second Hand Smoke (26 balls)
by davidc32346.
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Balls Used

<level ballsrequired="12" letterboxed="false" visualdebug="false" autobounds="false" textcolor="255,255,255" texteffects="true" timebugprobability="0" strandgeom="false" allowskip="false" >
	<!-- Camera -->
	<camera aspect="normal" endpos="0.27,520.44" endzoom="0.683">
		<poi pos="-2.08,474.31" traveltime="0" pause="0.7" zoom="0.693" />
		<poi pos="-7.25,1297.56" traveltime="4" pause="0" zoom="0.861" />
	<camera aspect="widescreen" endpos="0,520.44" endzoom="0.913">
		<poi pos="0,474.31" traveltime="0" pause="0.7" zoom="0.913" />
		<poi pos="0,1297.56" traveltime="4" pause="0" zoom="0.913" />
	<!-- Music -->
	<!-- Fire -->
	<fire depth="0" particles="fireStackSmaller2" x="25" y="602" radius="95" />
	<!-- Signposts -->
		<signpost name="signpost_gray" depth="8.8" x="-478.39" y="1374.51" scalex="0.823" scaley="0.912" rotation="167.73" alpha="1" colorize="128,128,128" image="IMAGE_SCENE_SECONDHANDSMOKE_SIGNPOST_GRAY" text="SIGNPOST_SECONDHANDSMOKE_1"   />
	<!-- Pipes -->
	<pipe id="0" depth="0" >
		<Vertex x="-22" y="600" />
		<Vertex x="-281" y="600" />
		<Vertex x="-281" y="205" />
		<Vertex x="-41" y="205" />
		<Vertex x="-41" y="55" />
		<Vertex x="-266" y="55" />
		<Vertex x="-266" y="-45" />
	<!-- Balls -->
	<BallInstance type="GooProduct" x="37" y="492" id="0" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="GooProduct" x="-15" y="479" id="1" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="GooProduct" x="-41" y="429" id="2" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="GooProduct" x="-81" y="460" id="3" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="GooProduct" x="87" y="458" id="4" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="GooProduct" x="91" y="433" id="5" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="GooProduct" x="59" y="437" id="6" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="GooProduct" x="48" y="462" id="7" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="GooProduct" x="14" y="467" id="8" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="GooProduct" x="24" y="430" id="9" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="GooProduct" x="-11" y="438" id="10" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="GooProduct" x="-43" y="460" id="11" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Anchor" x="445" y="1435.51" id="12" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Anchor" x="321" y="1453.51" id="13" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Anchor" x="163" y="1457" id="14" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Anchor" x="-418" y="1441.51" id="15" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Anchor" x="-272" y="1454" id="16" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Anchor" x="-136" y="1476" id="17" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Anchor" x="-5" y="1455.51" id="18" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="-7.74" y="1154.35" id="19" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="93.26" y="1313.35" id="20" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="-2.74" y="1348.35" id="21" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="176.26" y="1261.35" id="22" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="-200.74" y="1270.35" id="23" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="-104.74" y="1310.35" id="24" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="-7.74" y="1249.35" id="25" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="-107.74" y="1208.35" id="26" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="98.26" y="1206.35" id="27" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="65" y="1365" id="28" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="240" y="1310" id="29" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="310" y="1335" id="30" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="290" y="1390" id="31" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="160" y="1410" id="32" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="85" y="1440" id="33" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="15" y="1415" id="34" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="-265" y="1390" id="35" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="-38" y="1222.33" id="36" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="25.33" y="1222.33" id="37" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="66" y="1275" id="38" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="160" y="1307" id="39" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="-124" y="1407" id="40" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="118" y="1276.33" id="41" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="-54.67" y="1352.33" id="42" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="20.67" y="1294.33" id="43" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="-31.33" y="1291.67" id="44" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="-74" y="1273" id="45" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="-128" y="1277.67" id="46" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="-126" y="1359" id="47" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="-174" y="1321" id="48" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="-290" y="1335" id="49" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="-9" y="1049.51" id="50" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="311" y="1273.51" id="51" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="347" y="1363.51" id="52" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="198" y="1369.51" id="53" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="-333" y="1366.51" id="54" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="-308" y="1269.51" id="55" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="-193" y="1366.51" id="56" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="71" y="1402.51" id="57" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="Fuse" x="-56" y="1406.51" id="58" angle="0" />
	<!-- Arms -->
	<Strand gb1="50" gb2="19" />
	<Strand gb1="57" gb2="53" />
	<Strand gb1="58" gb2="57" />
	<Strand gb1="26" gb2="27" />
	<Strand gb1="25" gb2="22" />
	<Strand gb1="24" gb2="20" />
	<Strand gb1="23" gb2="25" />
	<Strand gb1="25" gb2="27" />
	<Strand gb1="19" gb2="25" />
	<Strand gb1="25" gb2="26" />
	<Strand gb1="24" gb2="25" />
	<Strand gb1="25" gb2="21" />
	<Strand gb1="20" gb2="25" />
	<Strand gb1="27" gb2="20" />
	<Strand gb1="24" gb2="26" />
	<Strand gb1="26" gb2="23" />
	<Strand gb1="19" gb2="26" />
	<Strand gb1="27" gb2="19" />
	<Strand gb1="22" gb2="27" />
	<Strand gb1="20" gb2="22" />
	<Strand gb1="21" gb2="20" />
	<Strand gb1="24" gb2="21" />
	<Strand gb1="23" gb2="24" />
	<Strand gb1="56" gb2="58" />
	<Strand gb1="58" gb2="24" />
	<Strand gb1="57" gb2="20" />
	<Strand gb1="53" gb2="20" />
	<Strand gb1="51" gb2="22" />
	<Strand gb1="53" gb2="22" />
	<Strand gb1="53" gb2="52" />
	<Strand gb1="56" gb2="55" />
	<Strand gb1="56" gb2="23" />
	<Strand gb1="55" gb2="23" />
	<Strand gb1="56" gb2="24" />
	<Strand gb1="58" gb2="21" />
	<Strand gb1="57" gb2="21" />
	<Strand gb1="51" gb2="53" />
	<Strand gb1="51" gb2="52" />
	<Strand gb1="52" gb2="12" />
	<Strand gb1="52" gb2="13" />
	<Strand gb1="53" gb2="13" />
	<Strand gb1="53" gb2="14" />
	<Strand gb1="57" gb2="14" />
	<Strand gb1="57" gb2="18" />
	<Strand gb1="58" gb2="18" />
	<Strand gb1="58" gb2="17" />
	<Strand gb1="56" gb2="17" />
	<Strand gb1="54" gb2="16" />
	<Strand gb1="56" gb2="16" />
	<Strand gb1="54" gb2="56" />
	<Strand gb1="54" gb2="55" />
	<Strand gb1="54" gb2="15" />
	<!-- Level Exit -->
	<levelexit id="theExit" pos="-22,600" radius="75" filter="" >
<scene minx="-600" miny="0" maxx="600" maxy="1800" backgroundcolor="0,0,0" >
	<!-- ForceFields -->
	<linearforcefield type="gravity" force="0,-10" dampeningfactor="0" antigrav="true" geomonly="false" />
	<!-- Particles -->
	<particles effect="cigSmoke" depth="-32" pos="24.35888671875,602.67236328125" pretick="0" />
	<particles effect="blackLeavesHeavy" depth="-240" pos="147.99755859375,1702.00244140625" pretick="0" />
	<!-- SceneLayers -->
		<SceneLayer name="signpostPole_gray" depth="8" x="-469.45" y="1390.86" scalex="0.869" scaley="1.046" rotation="163.07" alpha="1" colorize="0,0,0" image="IMAGE_SCENE_SECONDHANDSMOKE_SIGNPOSTPOLE_GRAY"   />
	<SceneLayer name="lf2" depth="80" x="-0.04" y="673.04" scalex="5.313" scaley="5.313" rotation="0" alpha="0.60000002384186" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_SECONDHANDSMOKE_LF2"   />
	<SceneLayer name="hfg2" depth="8" x="48" y="235.81" scalex="1.09" scaley="1.173" rotation="0" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_SECONDHANDSMOKE_HFG2"   />
	<SceneLayer name="stacks" depth="0" x="5.18" y="1612.98" scalex="2.386" scaley="1.492" rotation="0" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_SECONDHANDSMOKE_STACKS"   />
	<SceneLayer name="match" depth="-8" x="213.54" y="472.1" scalex="1.189" scaley="1.82" rotation="55.91" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_SECONDHANDSMOKE_MATCH"   />
	<SceneLayer name="hbg2" depth="-80" x="182.38" y="446.87" scalex="1.531" scaley="1.721" rotation="-0.05" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_SECONDHANDSMOKE_HBG2"   />
	<SceneLayer name="bgVeggiesWarm" depth="-240" x="24.49" y="1547.99" scalex="2.83" scaley="2.164" rotation="-180" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_SECONDHANDSMOKE_BGVEGGIESWARM"   />
	<SceneLayer name="bgVeggiesWarm" depth="-240" x="-24.48" y="95.53" scalex="2.83" scaley="1.184" rotation="0" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_SECONDHANDSMOKE_BGVEGGIESWARM"   />
	<SceneLayer name="bg" depth="-400" x="0" y="900.04" scalex="2.344" scaley="3.516" rotation="0" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_SECONDHANDSMOKE_BG"   />
	<!-- Buttons -->
	<!-- Labels -->
	<!-- Static Geometry -->
	<circle id="stopper1" static="true" tag="stopsign" material="rock" x="200" y="457" radius="40" />
	<circle id="stopper1" static="true" tag="stopsign" material="rock" x="-201" y="475" radius="40" />
	<circle id="" static="true" material="rock" x="-159" y="386" radius="66" />
	<line id="" static="true" tag="deadly" material="rock" anchor="-16,-116" normal="0,1" />
	<line id="" static="true" tag="detaching" material="rock" anchor="605,892" normal="-1,0" />
	<line id="" static="true" tag="detaching" material="rock" anchor="-600,948" normal="1,0" />
	<compositegeom id="platform" x="15.3042" y="188.4375" rotation="0" static="true" tag="kindasticky,walkable" material="rock" >
		<rectangle id="" x="78.094" y="191.0967" width="231.0886" height="66.4901" rotation="0.1498" />
		<rectangle id="" x="-156.0798" y="-32.4658" width="67.3324" height="437.4064" rotation="0.0346" />
		<rectangle id="" x="-85.6775" y="197.96" width="159.7271" height="64.8673" rotation="-0.2949" />
	<rectangle id="" static="true" material="rock" x="23.488" y="1719.0637" width="849.4117" height="485.0464" rotation="-0.011" />
	<rectangle id="" static="true" material="rock" x="438.0615" y="1713.0908" width="293.0244" height="485.0466" rotation="-0.395" />
	<rectangle id="" static="true" material="rock" x="-375.6909" y="1695.1804" width="348.3234" height="440.3064" rotation="0.3334" />
	<!-- Dynamic Geometry -->
	<!-- Geometry Constraints -->