Guidelines and Requirements for redesign of Island1

Island1 is special, mainly because this is the island into which GooTool places custom levels. If you plan to do a large mod, or multi-chapter level pack, or "WoG2" that will require you to redesign / reuse island1 then you should read and obey the following.

Advanced - Not for the faint hearted or the easily confused

The Rules

Leave the map alone!
You should not redirect the map for island1 to a different level, it should be left as island1.
You must use a merge XSL for modifying islands\island1.xml
A handy template is available below.
You must use a merge XSL for modifying levels\island1\island1.scene
Another handy template is available below.

You may use compile XML versions of island1.resrc and island1.level

island1.resrc must contain the following resource ids
Your island design must have nothing "important" above y=1100
GooTool will modify the maxy of your island1.scene based on the number of custom levels installed. This value will range from 1100 to 1500.
However, if your design has object above this the player will not be able to see them and may not be able to access level button which are placed above 1100.
If you require more than 1100 units vertically for your design, simply set the miny to a negative value, and move your whole design down.
Your island design must have a background which extends to at least y=1500
Otherwise the player will see solid backgroundcolor when there are many custom levels installed.
Leave a “clear” area for the custom level buttons
GooTool will add the level buttons and labels beginning at approx (-600,1000) extending upwards and as far to the right as it requires to include all the levels.
In your design for the map level, you should leave this area clear of foreground objects (depth > -0.5)
island1.scene_.xsl_.template.txt1.75 KB
island1.xml_.xsl_.template.txt1.6 KB