The World of Goo Corporation consists of 3 separate levels; wogc , wogc3d & wogcd
We all know and understand the differences, and in the original game which one is available and when. However the rules the game applies to activate and switch between the different versions could be used in different ways.

The buttons in MapWorldView

The 3 wogcorp buttons are displayed (or not) using the following rules.

Visible if island4 is NOT enabled and island5 is NOT enabled and WoG Corp is not destroyed. Also it is disabled until WoG Corp is unlocked

Visible if island4 is open and island5 is not open and WoG Corp is not destroyed

Visible if WoG Corp is destroyed.

Which level is played

The actual level that will be played when the wogcorp command is executed, matches the button which is visible.

The hole in the logic

It may not be obvious from the above, but there can be a gap in the wogcorp sequence.
If chapter 5 is enabled but WoG Corp is not destroyed… none of the buttons are visible.
In this case if you have an additional button which can access WoG Corp, then it will play the original "intact" level.

It is important to note that.. island4 need not be the fourth chapter played, nor island5 the fifth. So WoG Corp could change to "3d mode" immediately, or once the 1st chapter is completed, and could remain in that mode for anywhere from just 1 level, to the remainder of the game… since there is no requirement that WoG Corp is ever destroyed. Whilst changing the order in which the wogcorp levels become available is not possible, you can move through the sequence in different ways.

The Full Sequence

Disabled -> Intact -> 3d -> Invisible (but plays intact) -> Destroyed

By controlling when, and if, WoG Corp is unlocked and destroyed and when island4 becomes available, you can effectively skip various stages.
If WoG Corp is never unlocked, it is inaccessible until island4 is open, then the 3d mode is available, essential you have skipped the "intact" phase.
If WoG Corp is destroyed before island4 is open, you skip the 3d mode entirely.

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