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My biggest addin creation in my whole experience

It surpassed Mystify Collision World being the largest addin in the game and not including Geometry Hyperspace

After my last addin was published (Bubble Quest Demo), a new one just popped up! Bubble Quest is my new World of Goo set after Metal WoG, The Goo Worlds, Dynamic Destroyers, Mystify Collision World, and Geometry Hyperspace. Your quest is to destroy all the orbs in 5 lands, whereas only balls can be destroyed to restore the bubbles' float.

It is advised to get the whistle (because you'll risk your time building structures leading to the pipe with the goo balls are in the way) or finish the whole game before doing this level set (The level in World of Goo "Hello, World" could cause a glitch on the game when you're accessing Part 4).


It all started from the peaceful kingdom of the Bubble Kingdom after the events of Mystify Collision World. A new shard was attached from a volcano in Dark Horizons, all of the bubbles' float is gone. Now it's up to the balls must destroy the shard, and the new orb towers rising from the ground. The player should travel all 5 tribes of The Bubble Kingdom to destroy all the orbs socketed in towers in order to harmonized the kingdom.


There are 130 Levels in the game
Levels in parts will have 25 (except Part 1 which it has 30). 5 Levels are grouped in a hexagonal tiles known as Hextiles. If a given level type just appear, here are their descriptions:

1. Normal Levels - Normal levels are marked with yellow squares with a pipe image on. They are the original world of goo level types. Its the only level type that timebugs can be used. When a normal level is beaten, one will unlock. Some of the levels requires a specific ball (or more than 1 but up to 3) to be collected in the pipe in their dedicated sign. There are a total of 78 Normal Levels in the game.

2. Collision Levels - Collision levels are the return of Mystify Collision World. Like MCW, collide the blue and red blocks together. When a collision level is beaten, 2 to 3 levels within a hextile will unlock. Its icon is a rhombus with two arrows pointing left and right. There are a total of 26 Collision Levels in the game.

3. Orb Levels - Orb levels are the "story-related" levels that follows a certain story from other levels. Destroy orbs to proceed to a new hextiles. Its icon is a shining orb. There are a total of 26 Orb Levels (including Field Z5) in the game.

Hextiles are organized by a letter. For example, a level named "Field B2", which is the second level of Hextile B.

Getting OCD on a level will glow with its level type and color.

Notable Levels

1. Field A1 - it starts always with a classic "Going Up" level (it shares the trait with Metal WoG and The Goo Worlds)
2. Field E2 - you think this level is pretty easy, think again!
3. Field F2 - notably the hardest level yet in the whole Part 1
4. Field A2 and B4 - they have almost the exact layout

1. Field J4 - inspired by Albino Pokey's Dark Maze
2. Field J5 - another version of "Flames of Fury" in The Goo Worlds
3. Field K4 - one of my favorite levels in the part
4. Field J3 - notably the hardest level yet in the whole Part 2
5. Field I3 - notably the hardest collision level

1. Field M2 - one of the frustrating levels in the part
2. Field O3 - hardest collision level and hardest level in Part 3
3. Field P4 - one of my favorite levels in the part
4. Field M1 - first underwater level in the whole game

1. Field R3 - a few favorable orb levels
2. Field S2 - an exact prototype of my very own Pill Runover!
3. Field Q3 and R5 - they have the same strategy
4. Field U4 - another version of Graceful Failure
5. Field T2 - formerly the hardest level in Part 4
6. Field S1 - hardest level in Part 4

1. Field V2 - a return of earthquake levels
2. Field W3 - two bars spin against gravity
3. Field W4, W5, and X1 - lets you learn the flame collision trick
4. Field Y1 - notably the hardest level in Part 5
5. Field Z5 - ends Bubble Quest with a simple Pill Runover classic, and my first targettheeight level as an Orb Level
6. Field X4 - the most complicating Orb Level in the whole game
7. Field W1 - like Field S2, but a pile of rocks will refill the pit.


Hextiles are the hexagonal shaped tiles that are placed in the map. After every part, you always start with 2 Hextiles (1 in Part 1). Each of the Hextiles will only have 3 Normal Levels, 1 Collision Level, and 1 Orb Level. There'll be 5 Hextiles per part (6 in Part 1), each Hextile has its own graphic and setting.


Balls will be introduced for each Hextile (except Dark Horizons). Each ball has its own ability (but some of them have the same abilities like in the original WoG).

1. Dirt Ball - first used in Hextile A, the basic constructing ball that attaches 2 strands.
2. Glow Ball - first used in Hextile B, a glowing ball that appears only at night or in dark areas.
3. Grass Ball - first used in Hextile C, a grassy green ball that can detach itself when attached.
4. Metal Ball - first used in Hextile D, a shiny gold ball that contains very heavy mass.
5. Goop Ball - first used in Hextile E, collectibles that cannot be dragged or form structures with them.
6. Winged Ball - first used in Hextile F, lifts structures in midair.

1. King Goop Bubble - first used in Hextile G, not a ball, but a bubble that will grant 16 Goop Balls when it pops.
2. Wooden Ball - first used in Hextile H, burns structures when it meets a flame.
3. Stone Ball - first used in Hextile I, immunes to natural hazards like spikes.
4. Coal Ball - first used in Hextile J, burns faster than a wooden ball, but delays on popping itself.
5. Grenade Ball - first used in Hextile K, explodes in a small radius.

1. Ice Ball - first used in Hextile L, like dirt ball, can die from a fire or in a minute.
2. Sticky Ball - first used in Hextile M, sticks to surfaces.
3. Droplet Ball - first used in Hextile N, attaches a single strand, can be detached.
4. Rubber Ball - first used in Hextile O, can stretch its strands in further distances.
5. Atomic Bomb - first used in Hextile P, can stick to surfaces, immune to spikes, and explodes in a large radius, but it only appears at night levels.

1. Radial Ball - first used in Hextile Q, the basic shooter ball.
2. Digit Ball - first used in Hextile R, a shooter ball that creates 2 (now 4) strands.
3. Electric Ball - first used in Hextile S, a shooter ball, but when meets by a flame, electric sparks will charge the ball to destroy debris or burn structures.
4. Time Ball - first used in Hextile T, shoots faster than a radial ball, but it dies in 90 seconds.
5. Virtual Blocks - first used in Hextile U, blocks that stacks that can help to support structures.

In addition to the balls, there are "bubbles" representing with a symbol and color on what contents are inside. The bubbles are part of the story since it was called Bubble Quest.

Unlike my other addins of world of goo sets, the balls in this addin are used in a specific level. The Glow Balls and Atomic Bombs can be only appear at night because of its glow, and the Goop Ball's Bubble only appears at Normal Levels but not in Collision and Orb Levels.


Objects are the utilities of the game. They are most profound in all levels, and many of them introduced later.

1. Bubble Buster - first found in Field A2. They are the most common objects to be found in every level. Their ability is to pop bubbles and detach structures. They can have 3 different sizes.

2. Torches - first found in Field H1. These has flames in their upper side of their torches (which is the darker side). Their ability is to burn structures, and only Wooden, Coal, and Grenades can be affected by its flame.

3. Red Spikes - first found in Field I5. Exclusively available on Orb Levels. These spikes prevents orbs to be destroyed, but not the balls.

4. Locks - first found in Field K1. It locks other utilities such as busters. Can only appear if there are any explosives.

5. Force Fields - first found in Field K5. Exclusively available on Orb Levels. It prevents any objects to be harmed.

6. Lava Surfaces - only be found in all levels in Hextile X (except Field X1) and Field Y3. Similar to red spikes, but it can kill balls on contact, but not objects/debris.


Parts of the game have different stories to follow. Each of the parts will introduce new balls, new hextiles, and new levels. So far, here are the releases:

Release Date: May 27, 2014 (Version 0.1)
Hextiles: A, B, C, D, E, and F

Release Date: June 3, 2014 (Version 0.2)
Hextiles: G, H, I, J, and K

Release Date: June 9, 2014 (Version 0.3)
Hextiles: L, M, N, O, and P

Release Date: June 20, 2014 (Version 0.4)
Hextiles: Q, R, S, T, and U

Release Date: July 25, 2014 (Version 0.5)
Hextiles: V, W, X, Y, and Z


Actually, this concept was a long time to be planned since 2012. Because I sacrifice myself to created other addins such as Mystify Collision World, Geometry Hyperspace, and Nature Worlds. But now, here it is!

Unlike my other World of Goo sets, I got the idea of the Hextiles and their levels on a flash game named "Gemcraft: Chasing Shadows". It's one of my favorite flash games of all, and extract the idea of its Hextiles. The levels are sorted out, which all Hextiles will have 5 levels each.

The level types that I have made are reasonable. The normal levels are the obvious, which they are the "build to the pipe" gameplay. The collision levels are the extension of Mystify Collision World. The orb levels have a touch of one of my ideas in Dynamic Destroyers, which you'll have to destroy all of the orbs in their towers.

The concepts of the 5 parts were from my other addin, The Goo Worlds. I just got the Grass and Desert World for the first chapter, the dry lands for the second chapter, snowing and water for the third chapter, futurisitc scene for the fourth chapter, and lava and black deep ends for the fifth chapter. The storyline is followed by The Sign Painter's journey and he also follows the path, much like the one in Mystify Collision World.

I just finished the whole addin within 2 months, I'm going to improve the game, and luckily, this addin is still under 20MB.

Because I want to make this addin unique to me compared to my other works, and it feels like this could be my World of Goo 2.

Known Edited Levels

Changes by Scene Layers

1. Field F3 (Version 0.1.1) - the hills background didn't match with its other levels in its Hextile, but now it did.
2. Fields A1, A2, A3, A4, B2, B4, C1 (Version 0.3.1) - changed signpost depth to -2.
3. Field B3 (Version 0.6) - spike images are now shown since the last time they don't have images.
4. Field B5 (Version 0.6.1) - previous versions have a larger orb set in the tower, but it is now from the actual size of the orb from other levels.
5. Field N5 (Version 0.7) - added wind particles on areas that lifts structures or balls.

Changes by Level Concept

1. Field F2 (Version 0.2) - water is removed but its forcefield is now a helper, making the level slightly harder.
2. Field K3 (Version 0.2.2) - moved the red block and the rock seperately. The structure in the blue block changed alignment. (Version 0.9) - changed material to ice at the ground portion.
3. Field K5 (Version 0.2.2) - removed all winged and coal balls, moved all idle stone balls, and replaced one coal ball with glow ball.
4. Field J2 (Version 0.3.1) - added another Coal Bubble due to the new OCD.
5. Field L4 (Version 0.3.1) - because of the new ability of the ice balls, the only torch moved down making them 2 torches, then removed the ice structure on the tower.
6. Field L1 (Version 0.5) - removal of timebugs. (Version 0.9) - alignment of main structure and pipe.
7. Field U1 (Version 0.5) - detaching tags on the side walls are completely gone. (Version 0.9) - the goop structure on the right expands.
8. Field A3 (Version 0.6.2) - moves a few balls down to the structure as the last version lands on the bubbles.
9. Field N5 (Version 0.7) - adjustment of forcefields.
10. Field A5 (Version 0.9) - aligning of dropping balls.
11. Field B2 (Version 0.9) - changed one glow balls to an anchor and added another anchor.
12. Field B4 (Version 0.9) - changed number of required balls from 18 to 15.
13. Field B5 (Version 0.9) - added a string structure.
14. Field L2 (Version 0.9) - fixing the starting structure.
15. Field O3 (Version 0.9) - the spinning rock loses its geomkiller tag and a few spikes were removed.
16. Field P3 (Version 0.9) - removed some grass balls.
17. Field W2 (Version 0.9) - strandgeom is enabled.
18. Field X3 (Version 0.9) - adjusting the alignment of main structure.
19. Field Z4 (Version 0.9) - raising the required balls from 10 to 15.
20. Field Z5 (Version 0.9) - targettheeight is now set to 3500, enabled autobounds.

Changes by OCD Values

1. Field B1 (Version 0.1.1) - last version's OCD is 26 Balls, and with an increase to 29 Balls. (Version 0.6.2) - another increase from 29 Balls to 32 Balls. (Version 0.9) - decreasing from 32 Balls to 30 Balls.
2. Field A1 (Version 0.3) - changed the number of balls from 10 to 11 in OCD. (Version 0.3.1) - reverted back to 10 balls.
3. Field J2 (Version 0.3.1) - changed OCD value from 45 Seconds to 21 Balls.
4. Field U3 (Version 0.6.1) - changed the number of balls from 28 to 30.
5. Field B3 (Version 0.6.2) - changed OCD value from 36 Balls to 48 Balls.
6. Field F5 (Version 0.6.2) - changed OCD value from 180 Seconds to 1 Move.
7. Field G5 (Version 0.9) - changed OCD from 120 seconds to 60 seconds.
8. Field I3 (Version 0.9) - changed OCD from 3 seconds to 7 seconds.
9. Field I5 (Version 0.9) - changed OCD from 120 seconds to 70 seconds.
10. Field J5 (Version 0.9) - changed OCD from 70 balls to 65 balls.
11. Field K5 (Version 0.9) - changed OCD from 180 seconds to 120 seconds.
12. Field M3 (Version 0.9) - changed OCD from 40 seconds to 25 seconds.
13. Field M5 (Version 0.9) - changed OCD from 60 seconds to 28 seconds.
14. Field P2 (Version 0.9) - changed OCD from 62 seconds to 30 seconds.
15. Field Q1 (Version 0.9) - changed OCD from 10 balls to 13 seconds.
16. Field T4 (Version 0.9) - changed OCD from 120 seconds to 110 seconds.
17. Field U1 (Version 0.9) - changed OCD from 20 seconds to 35 seconds.
18. Field W2 (Version 0.9) - changed OCD from 22 balls to 27 balls.
19. Field X1 (Version 0.9) - changed OCD from 75 seconds to 50 seconds.
20. Field X4 (Version 0.9) - changed OCD from 300 seconds to 215 seconds.
21. Field A4 (Version 0.9.1) - changed OCD from 20 seconds to 8 seconds.


Q: Why are bubbles are so sensitive when they move?
A: The mass of the bubbles are set to 1.

Q: How can I unlock more Hextiles?
A: Beat Orb Levels to unlock more.

Q: Why are some Hextiles' levels are mixed
A: To make a twist, some Hextiles' numbering of levels are torn off. Beat the level before the number to unlock (e.g. J3 (Normal) unlocks J4 (Orb) because of the order of levels.)

Q: Digit Balls causes to crash the screen from forming a strand only, why?
A: There is an error to that balls, so I should figure it out how to fix it. Now, it's quite fixed now starting in Version 0.5.

Q: This addin won't work or load
A: You need to disable other addins before playing this one.

Q: Why does Field A5 must be restart?
A: In Versions 0.8 and up, a conflict of that level and "Forcefield Madness" have the same input name when it showed up in your profiles.


1. Hextiles are a portmanteau of hexagon and tiles. Because of its appearance it was so called Hextile.
2. The map design was inspired by Gemcraft Chasing Shadows.
3. Field A2 and B4 almost have the same layout.
4. The graphics are made by PowerPoint's AutoShapes, Microsoft Paint, and GIMP in all.
5. Orb levels are used to be the hardest types because they first set in a tower.
6. Collision levels are the expansion to Mystify Collision World.
7. This is now the biggest 5-chapter addin to have more than 100 levels, surpassing my addins, Mystify Collision World and Geometry Hyperspace.
8. Fields V5 and Y5 of Dark Horizons have a scrapped level in the development before changing to a different layout.
9. There is used to be a Feather Ball, a light weight ball.
10. The plot of the addin takes place the events after Mystify Collision World since the Sign Painter mentions it on Field A4.

Borrowed Files

I should give credit to these but that's okay for me.
1. Gold Balls' sound effects from the Sandbox addin (MattOG and momo1526).
2. Electric sound effects and particles from Keep on Running (goomatz).

Version History

Version 0.1 (May 27, 2014)
- initial release
- Part 1 released with 30 new levels (Hextiles A, B, C, D, E, and F)

Version 0.1.1 (May 28, 2014)
- title screen's background darkens
- added level transitions on collision and orb levels
- Field F3's hills background matched with its neighboring levels
- OCD adjustment on Field B1

Version 0.2 (June 3, 2014)
- Part 2 released with 25 new levels (Hextiles G, H, I, J, and K)
- Field F2 is now buffed
- added a new label on the loading screen
- Part Names' titles gets smaller
- winged ball's characteristics changed

Version 0.2.1 (June 4, 2014)
- fixed: Part 2 images are revealed
- Hextiles redesigned
- balls' bubbles redesigned

Version 0.2.2 (June 4, 2014)
- fixed: Hextile positions
- new map world view icons
- grenade ball's strand is now unwalkable
- edited Field K3 and K5

Version 0.3 (June 9, 2014)
- Part 3 released with 25 new levels (Hextiles L, M, N, O, and P)
- some levels are edited

Version 0.3.1 (June 14, 2014)
- signposts from some levels changed depth to -2
- compiled new particle effects for the new Part 4
- Field A1's OCD value reverted back
- edited Field J2 and L4
- ice balls can die from flames

Version 0.4 (June 20, 2014)
- Part 4 released with 25 new levels (Hextiles Q, R, S, T, and U)
- players cannot skip levels anymore

Version 0.5 (July 25, 2014)
- Part 5 released with the last 25 levels
- alongside with the custom particle: "lavaBallsRising"
- Digit Balls can now attach 4 strands to fix the crash (rarely crashes now)
- edited Field L1 and U1

Version 0.6 (August 8, 2014)
- new custom pipes with different colors for every part
- fixed: missing spike image in Field B3

Version 0.6.1 (August 9, 2014)
- fixed: the orb in Field B5 is big, and now reduced to the normal size of orbs
- fixed: missing bend image from pipes in Algorithm Matrix
- Field U3's OCD changed

Version 0.6.2 (August 16, 2014)
- changed OCD values in Fields B1, B3, and F5
- edited some levels

Version 0.7 (August 24, 2014)
- new movie cutscenes for every end of the part (can be seen by beating Fields F5, K5, P5, U5, and Z5)
- new title/main menu screen
- all signposts in Part 4 are now in ISH style
- edited Field N5

Version 0.8 (September 17, 2014)
- reversed cursor movement in detachable balls
- grass balls' leaves can be invertable
- input name for Field A5 (A5) is now A52

Version 0.9 (May 1, 2015) - 2015 Version
- edited some levels
- OCD adjustment on some levels
- Algorithm Matrix Balls have autobounds unattached behaviour
- fixed: bumping camera on some levels in widescreen
- fixed: images in cutscenes are fit to screen
- fixed: missing images in Field A5
- changing text on all (most of them) text fields
- redesigning new buttons for all maps
- redesigning new chapter maps
- added Spanish Content

Version 0.9.1 (May 13, 2015)
- OCD on some levels are adjusted
- edited a few typos on the Spanish Content

Version 1.0 (December 31, 2018)
- fixed: missing images on cutscenes

Addin made by inwog.

There are 12 screenshots.

World of Goo: Bubble Quest
Title Screen upon startup
Part 1: The Vast Lands
Part 2: Badlands Uproar
Part 3: Frozen Fantasy
Part 4: Algorithm Matrix
Part 5: Dark Horizons
Normal Levels
Collision Levels
Orb Levels
More Challenges over time
New species of balls!
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