World of Goo Movie Editor

Author: Daft as Brush
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Latest version: 0.05 Beta
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Release date: 10/15/2010 - 06:39
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We have made this page public so that testers can download and check the package.
Everything's a bit "raw" and somethings aren't well understood ..

Please use the comments below for reporting problems....

Attributes that are too limited, or not limited enough
Combinations of values (or missing values) that can crash the game
Program error messages.. and what you did just before it appeared.
Technical Issues regarding the movie / animation encoding.
Suggestions for improvements that will help everyone.. not just you.

Investigate, Discover, Diagnose
Things like "Hey, if you set X,Y and Z to that.. the game crashes, but if you unset X and set A to this then it's fine..." are great!
"Help the game crashed!" is absolutely no use, to anyone.
There's probably 100 different ways you can crash the game without the editor warning you, and we want to know what they are.

Please do NOT use the comments below to ask...

How do I make a Movie? How do I make it do...? What does this attribute do?
What does that mean? It says there's a problem... how do I fix it?
How do I add my movie to my level?

All the reference info about Movies , Animations, the tags and the attributes is here..... Please use it!
And feel free to leave comments on those pages if you think anything is wrong or unclear.

Hints for learning movies....
Chapter3Mid is very simple, most of the animation is done "stop frame"
Chapter2Mid has a couple of "scenes" and some simple interpolated animations.
wogcunlock has both stop-motion and interpolated animation which work together.

I've included a looping sample in the installer (in the program folder) see the readme...
After that... well... you're on your own....

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VersionPlatformRelease DateFilenameSizeDownloads
0.05 Beta
Windows exe Full Setup
WindowsFri, 10/15/2010 - 06:39Goovie-0.05-Beta-setup.exe7.1 MB9,468
0.05 Source CodeAllFri, 10/15/2010 - 06:38Goovie-0.05-Beta-src.zip9.76 MB375

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