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i want to know how to make a discovered area and an undiscovered area
in level editor


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The discovered area is the area where are discovered (awake) Goo Balls. It cannot be set in any other way, I think. When you put somewhere a discovered structure, around the structure there is a discovered area (about screen size in every direction). Most balls can expand discovered area only when attached, but some (e.g. GooProduct, BeautyProduct, BombSticky) can discover the world even when they are free.
autobounds attribute of level says if undiscovered area can be seen by player. If set to true you have to discover the level, if false you can easily move around all the place.

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thanks goosweek Smile

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And you can NEVER go outside the scenebounds, even if a structure goes there. That's why the screen doesn't keep scrolling past a certain point in RPS.

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