WooBLE v0.14 RC2

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Moving towards "release"....
Have also uploaded the source so our Linux / Mac brethren can have a play...
and see if works at all.
Lots of changes to this one.... please report any new problems...

v0.14 RC1:
Lots of Changes to Resources, Importing Files and Cloning
* Clone now copies ALL custom images into the new ball folder
* Import Resources copies ALL custom images into the ball folder
--- Imported duplicate filenames are not overwritten, files renamed ...2,3 on import.
--- Sound files now imported to /sounds folder
* Now includes the level name in the resource ID
--- Uses Full 2DBoy pattern  IMAGE_BALL_{BALLLNAME}_{FILENAME}
--- This prevents the "Duplicate Resources between 2 balls" problem
--- Ignores duplicate imports (will not add a file if it's already a resource)
--- Unique Naming.. will append a number if the imported resource name already exists
* Resource Filenames cannot contain spaces
--- Existing resources with spaces in the filenames will be flagged as errors.
--- Resources that are copied to the ball folder will have spaces removed.
* Ensures all files in goomod have lowercase extension  .png  .ogg  
Other things...
*New: Platform specific file.xml's with hash and size values
*Change: Refresh pixmap cache and view on Import resources as well as Update Resources
*Check: static=true and draggable=true crashes the game
* Fix: No error if part image attribute empty
* Fix: Throw sound "not last" error reported.. even if throw sound was last
* Fix: Deleted items are now removed from the graphical view immediately.
*Faster: Sorting of Ball Tree.. 
--- could be slow with lots of layers, or lots of stuff very out of order.
*Added: Critical Error if strand type=rigid but no mass is set
* Removed: Confirmed Unused Attributes
- <ball> flammable
- <strand> rope and geom

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Just a question...in the resource view all attributes of the SetDefaults are grayed out. Is that intentional?

Another Planet finally has an official release! Download chapters 1 through 3 here! Thank you for waiting so long while I kept starting over.

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I found one more critcal error. If autoattach is true the strand has to be defined (What is logic but I forgot to add a strand and no error was shown.). Otherwise it crashes WoG when the ball wants to attach to another.

Another thing: A MOM ball doesn´t pop if it´s static, stucked (sticky) or attched. A check and advice would be cool in WooBLE.

And last this is also with WooGLE v0.78 RC2:
After testing a ball/level WooBLE/WooGLE doesn´t accept any changes in the properties pane which is shown but after clicking on another tree and go back and change again it´s accepted.

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Yes. I'm thinking about removing them altogether.. where possible.

Thanks for pointing out those crash possibilities... will add checks. Smile
And will look into the properties pane thing... I think I know what it might be.

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v0.14 RC2
*Fix: Ball always shows as "dirty" after loading. (Orange disk icon)
- will now only show dirty if elements were sorted on load.
*Fix: Properties Pane disconnected from element after Save / Play
- Selected element will also stay selected after testing.
*Added: Critical Error if ball can autoattach but has no strand
*Added: Advice if ball is a MOM and is static or sticky so it cannot be popped
*Added: Advice if ball is a MOM and can be attached. It won't pop while attached.

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Daft as Brush wrote:

v0.14 RC2
*Added: Critical Error if ball can autoattach but has no strand

This critical error will show up when you set autoattach=true even if a strand is defined.