World of Goo 1/2 Level Making Contest

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Have you ever wanted to get your level featured in World of Goo 1/2?


Well, now you can!

For the fourth chapter of World of Goo 1/2, I'll be hosting a contest. Winners, of course, will be featured in the fourth chapter.

There are some rules, however.
-You can only use common goo, goo product, goo balls from World of Goo 1/2, and the goo balls that didn't make it down below.
*Just a tip, entries that use the unused goo will have a better chance of winning.
-The season will be Autumn, but levels will look a little more like spring. Kind of how the second chapter was in spring, but looked more like fall.
-You can have multiple entries, but unless not enough entries are provided, only one entry will win, so make it count Wink
-If you're using signs, try to write them as if MOM were writing a letter.
-If you made an entry, post it here.
-levels cannot use pipes as a means to complete levels. An alternative objective must be used.
Levels submitted will be modified to fit the rules, so if your level follows the rules, it'll have a better chance of winning.

Now, remember the link with Goo? Lemme smash explain what they do.
-Rock Goo: When the goo ball hits a mostly deadly surface, it'll become a surface structures can build on. Do NOT put it in a level with ballbusters.
-Ish Flame: Just a digital flame. It lasts 60 seconds long.
-Lure Goo: While I don't think this fits too well with World of Goo 1/2, I thought I'd include it anyway. The lure goo pulls goo towards it with a single strand. I think this version pulls things quicker, so be careful Wink
-PinkEye: Kind of like a balloon, but different. Point it in a direction, and it'll fly that way.
-WeatherBalloon: Another balloon! This one is extremely strong, though. It's also instantly killed by fire.
-Aqua: This goo floats on water, but is heavy on land. Water must set antigrav to true for it to work.
-Screw: This goo sticks to objects, but cannot be detached. It rusts when put in water (put a geometry with contacts set to false and a ballbuster and detaching tag by the water). At that point, rusted goo won't stick, but can be collected in a pipe.

Good Luck!

However, if less than 8 entries are submitted by October, the contest will be canceled, meaning no winners.

I give critique to recent levels.

You've waited, and I finally have delivered!
World of Goo 1/2 Chapter 3 is finally here!

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Wait.. can we have multiple entries that make it into the fourth chapter?

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I'm in!

...once I get to the windows desktop I'm using

Wanna make a chapter with me?

Email me at Smile

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hay dude you shoed make a world of goo LIP contest Toxic

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Count me in! Laughing out loud

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I'm in!

o rly?

I'm Spivy from future!

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doods we need levels for this! There is only one entry!

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daxperrin wrote:
hay dude you shoed make a world of goo LIP contest Toxic