World of Goo: Mystify Collision World

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Make a vid of technology 421.

King goo ball.

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I don't know about you guys, but the first level with the 4 second OCD, thats pretty crazy. I play normally, and i'm not that good, and I could only get it done in 15 seconds with practice.

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how do you beat tehcnology 421

King goo ball.

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@King Goo Ball: Sorry, what do you mean "technology 421"? Do you mean Chapter 4 of World of Goo? If you want a video of a particular level, YouTube has a handy-dandy search bar where you can type in the name of the level you are wondering about. There are likely several videos, all with different strategies and such for beating that particular level.

@thenoobtester: iirc, the OCD for Hello World is 9 seconds. You have to be fairly fast, but it's possible. I personally got 7 seconds after a bit of practice.

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MOM4Evr, they are talking about levels from Mystify Collision World. Tongue

@ thenoobster, you can achieve ocd by smacking some albino balls at the container above the red ball.
@ King Goo Ball,
Wake up the fuse ball structure and light it up, attach albino balls to the common in the uper left till it lifts up the bomb cage, push the red circle to the right till it falls, light the other fuse structur and finaly reach the blue rectangle.

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Dah, hence the thread title. No wonder I didn't respond the first time I read this. Carry on, then. Tongue