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Don't say there is no point of this forum. I made this forum so people can say their opinions about the same thing. This is about the new rule on goofans that I have discovered in lots of forums just like Pavke (Kyle). Remember RedTheGreen I once told you that this is not something to post for - LOL. And from now on you are not allowed to write that. This is for others and so don't ignore it.

Writing all this I had another idea... before you register you need to write more details cause there are coming lots of people who are invading all the no-needed stuff or problems or spams. The best way is to know more about them that it is required to know about them and at least 300 letters or something cause there is no support for web sites like these. Even the evil goos are welcome who actually are or want to destruct community on this web site...

Either looking up to this and seeing that there is no any other way to discuss this I would like to ask you guys if you think that one day could be a good moderator cause I either come to goofans every day I can. I could help just as any other moderator accept for you MOM - you are awesome and de best moderator evr! I have no idea how you do this... Well all this...


You can post if you want to but remember about the rule and don't just write like - Yes, no, OK, Smile and others.

And the last thing... There could be another badge like called Developer - It is like for the ones like Davidc and Daft as brush (I know he's left). The deal is that the badge is only for those who helped make this web site so...

Kyle or Ron - 2D boy

Like Daft as brush and Davidc - Developer

Moderators - Contributor

Do you get the deal? I'm not really sure of the name of the badge but I got idea how it could look like - badge with a tool in the middle

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Please, don't post all your threads in the same forum and make us move them. That's not a good thing if you want to become a mod.

Also, badges are not happening for a very long time. You can already see that there are 3 that are planned but haven't been made yet.
All your ideas must be done by DavidC, by the way, so they're not gonna be considered, let alone implemented, for some time.

Personally I don't think that those registration ideas are very quickly needed. If any annoying member comes in and spams all of a sudden, we ban them. Un-bannable members are those that have shown that they are genuinely interested in WoG and goomodding.

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Plus, I think the only people who literally helped create this website are DavidC and Xanax, and we know who they are.

Another Planet finally has an official release! Download chapters 1 through 3 here! Thank you for waiting so long while I kept starting over.

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Xanax was fun. I miss him.

And this topic is almost pointless. People like having freedom with account-creation. Don't take that away.

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Aww, thanks wiki. I thought there was some kind of captcha when you register? Anyhoo, I'm on a friend's phone atm and my fingers are sore already, so bai.

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This thread is old now - I don't even remember what I wrote Puzzled

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That was just spam.