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Great Escape

This is my first level. Have fun. To install you must have GooTool.

  • Level design: My-Key
  • Graphics: Kyle Gabler and My-Key
  • Music: Kyle Gabler

Thanks to 2D boy for a great game and GooGooAction for the very informative tutorial. Translations: French - DarkZonork; German - GooGooAction

1.0 is available (for those who like this version)

-2 times higher and a bit wider
-added time bugs
-changed some common balls to ivy balls
-lines to mark "3D"
-you can't go through shelf and through monitor

Fly Her to the Moon
Don't trust the rumors: the Moon is still up there!

It's a small turn for Beauty Goo, but a revolution for Gookind!
The level with too much space-time, and glowing Antigrav-Water-Goo!

  • Level design: XDboy
  • Graphics: Kyle Gabler, XDboy, Google, NASA
  • Music: Cobalt Blue Sphere by PianoForte from

Thanks to 2D Boy, David Croft, zark92, PianoForte and Elfe!

World of Goo: Mystify Collision World
The Poster for Mystify Collision World 2013

Mystify Collision World challenges players to test their collision skills in every level. Every 7 levels, they'll encounter Crystal Level which must be burned to get a new ball. After burning 7 crystals, they'll go for the Mystification Machine to destroy the 7 crystals once and for all.

- 50 Levels
- 42 End on collision levels that you have to touch the blocks together
- 7 Crystal Levels to discover and release the balls and its power
- The last level is an End on no Geometry level
- 7 Unique Custom Balls

Deja Vu

Deja Vu is a small level based on the level "Small Divide" in Chapter 1. However the pipe is higher, some of the balls have changed, and the level requirements are much greater...

Deja Vu was the first user level created for World of Goo, before WOG Editor was developed, by decrypting and editing XML by hand.

Reach the Sky
Version 0.6.0

Signs-bug fixed
Cursor now complete Blue.
Common now Blue.
Bit Now Sky-blue
Bit cursor is now a little help for you (o ^.^ o)

-Test version
-contain bugs(scroll out of world,etc)

-Ivy changes with Cloud-Goos(next update i will make better clouds for them)
-added a little part of the level
-OCD is now possible

just a little Correction(
-it has Camera moves over important points and I Zoom out.(to much?)
-I edit the Strands of the Cloud-Goos


-Changes are now only in the level

Fosters Home pack
Fosters pack

This is a pack of all Fosters home mods I have made. So you can save space and loding time. I will also update it with all new fosters mods I make so you don't have to check the site so often you can guest click check for updates. If your a big Fosters fan this is the mod for you!

Anti Gravity Bridge Supports

Imagine if the WoG corporation had more types of goo, and there was more to it then simply 'build up'. Well, now you don't need to imagine.

A Bigger... Better.. WoG Corporation.

World of Goo UnderSnake
UnderSnake Icon

This is an entire World of Goo chapter that overrides Chapter 5

It contains 10 levels for YOU to beat, in order, with 3 custom gooballs. Special thanks to Albino Pokey for providing the sequel and to Goomatz for fixing my island.xsl to allow cutscenes.
Version 2.5:

  • Cutscenes
  • Island changed on Map World View
  • Level fixes to avoid loop holes



World of Goo Portable
World of Goo Portable Main Interface (With GooTool)

World of Goo Portable is a launcher for World of Goo that automatically copies your World of Goo profile between the computer that you are on and your portable drive.
Important update: This latest release (0.21) fixes an issue with profile copying, along with new features and improvements. Please update!
Also: Source code now uploaded! (People sure love source code? It's on par with the download of the binaries.)

For more information, please see its main thread at,2336.0.html
Thread at GooFans Forum:

Tested Windows Vista/7 and 64-bit compatible!

Current Version:
[0.21 Beta] (April 30, 2010)

Birthday Nostalgia
Fly Away Little ones, before we had big tongues

For World of Goo's birthday today, what could be better than a pack of levels giving us nostalgia about how the game used to be, and celebrating how far it's come? Happy Birthday, World of Goo! This is my super-secret birthday project I've been working on for the past 20 minutes. Basically, it's the old levels revised. I block-copied most of the info from the original XML files (It's surprising how little of the XML file format changed over the course of development), so these levels are as close to the originals as you can get! A few of them I made changes to, for various reasons.