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Super Monkey Balls

I like the games that actually require problem-solving.



2.0 version is Ivy and there are mushrooms used as the attached bodies.

Metroid Morph Balls

A very poorly made addin by yours truly. Anyone like the games?

Obscurities Pack

Just because they aren't used often doesn't mean they shouldn't be forgotten. Currently includes Bone Fracture, New Pokey, Graphics Change, Happy Distant Goo, and Pink Eye.

Pink Eye

Makes evil eyes pink.

Pulley System WoGC

Same as other addin, but for WoGC.

Happy Distant Goo

Makes the goo on the title screen happy. Based off of jmleleven's Smiley Face Balls.

Pulley System

Makes the strands look like rope.

Cheese Balls

Makes common balls look like cheese.

Bone Fracture

A simple addin. Gives bone a cracked look. Special thanks to Pavke for putting up with my incessant questions.

EDIT: Cracks now look a LOT cleaner.


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