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Since Gooball ideas are kind of hard to come up with that are possible to make, I gave a shot at a level idea.

"Creeping Wobbley" -
You have Ivy Goo located in a pit at the bottom. You have 10-15 Ivy Goo(as I do not have WooGLE or whatever its called) and you must snake your way UPWARDS. Refer to the image (an example). Spinning Cogs will prevent easy building, and you must wriggle your way over them. As you reach each platform, the key is to remove Ivy goo from the bottom and stick em at the top. Be careful, as you might drag an Ivy into the cog of death. That or your structure slips and everything is over.

Start from the bottom, where a pre made triangle of Common goo is located.


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Are you asking for help or are you asking for someone who makes this level?
You don't have WooGLE, you can get it here:

Try to build the level by your own. It doesn't look to difficult to make and it's a good exercise to get used to WooGLE. It would be good first level.

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I made one similar to this.


i don't think I need this post, lol.

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you can't access it it's not published yet.....
anyway howitz i will make a roller goo!

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it is called ivygreen

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DOO EET it would be awesome!

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I think it's impossible. Goo Balls can't move while attached. You'd need a big geometry with an anchor, which would cause the Asteroid Bug of Doom.

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@AB: Not necessarily. The final level of Chapter 1 has wheels that spin the structure upward. If you restructure the level a bit, it could work.