MOM is watching me !

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Hi guys.

MOM is watching me.. Wink
Just after a fresh install of Windows 7 rc 64 bits:

See you Smile

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haha! well, that's windows for you

any idea what it stands for?

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MOnitoring M... ?
It's part of ATIs CCC, as you can see in the screenshot.

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May not stand for anything, ATI drivers are full of cryptic or repurposed TLAs like CLI, AEM, APM, ACE, DEM, and the fascinating CIM*.

*Catalyst Install Manager

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I have MOM.exe on my task manager, too!

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I have MOM.exe on my task manager and it describes it as McAfee On-site Manager. I think this is from the free McAfee trial that came on my computer (Which I never activated).

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ofc u have it... MOM4evr lol

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Thats very nice to know!

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Oops, sorry. It's actually not the McAfee On-site Manager like I thought it was. Looked again and I think davidc is right here. Catalyst Control Manager or something like that.