wooble crashes when test custom gooball for no reason?

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hey, i'm making a custom gooball on Wooble but for some reason it crashes when i try to test the gooball. I tried EVERYTHING I could and it STILL crashes! Please help! heres the link for the gooball file. http://www.mediafire.com/?lkwm6vfo6c1g6w1

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Could you describe it? I don't like file sharing sites Wink

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What i found in your ball.xml is:
Your strand type is "rigid" but it doesn´t have a mass tag. As you can see here at post #30 and following you need a mass tag with the strand type rigid. You also have to set the geom (in the strand line) tag to true. But no one found the missing attribute to make the rigid strand really rigid yet. Even with a mass tag it will behave like it have a springconst = 0. it will expend endless.

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Yeah... what goomatz said... set a mass

But you don't need the geom tag.... it's not used by the game at all.