Game keeps resizing infinitely

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I'm using World of Goo on my pc, baught it via steam.
I'm using a triple screen setup, 3xfull hd resolution, my pc has i7 980x 2x gtx 480 6gb ddr3.
When i launch the game it keeps switching resolutions and jumping between window modes infinitely.
With alt+enter, I managed to establish the window mode. The game works in window mode, but I prefer fullscreen.
My screen setup is not 3920*1080 but 3x 1920x1080.

Please help me with this issue!

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It's because of the multiple screens you own. Disable 2 and it should work fine.

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well that's not really an option, turning them off alone does not work and disabling them in the driver is taking much time and messing up my desktop settings.

It's clearly a game bug, the game should maximize on the default screen like every other game Tongue

I found a partial work around:

Using the aero snap feature of windows 7 (dragging the window to the top bottom) makes the window maximize to the full screen size, but it stays in window mode and therefore horizontal scrolling is very painful as you can easily move your mouse cursor beyond the border of the window.

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That's what I mean. In windowed mode, it should work fine, but World of Goo doesn't support multiple monitors in fullscreen. They never fixed it. If you can use aero snap you should be able to just maximize it anyway. Or, if you want, you can change the resolution in the options file in the game's directory to make the window larger.

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I managed to get fullscreen working without the infinite resize loop by setting the resolution in the config file to my resolution, so I now have a nice full screen game but the horizontal scrolling issue remains, the game doesn't "snap" the mouse.

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Oh that stinks. Well, at least you found somewhat a solution.

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Wow! Thank you so much. I had the same problem with my 2-screens setup. They really should update the game not to crash like that on multi-monitor setups since they're becoming quite common. Plus, the use of a real fullscreen mode istead of the "faux-fulscreen" they're using would lock the mous inside the game instead of allowing you to roam and click outside by mistake.

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They should update the game for a lot of things. One would be this, another great one would be to allow custom chapters.

Come on 2D Boy! Gimme patch 1.40!

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1.50, probably. 1.40 is the new Linux version.

Another Planet finally has an official release! Download chapters 1 through 3 here! Thank you for waiting so long while I kept starting over.

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i agree.
say, what has ron an kyle been doing lately?


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Eating chips and tacos.

Nah, I don't know.

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Kyle- working like mad on Little Inferno.
Ron - No idea.

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Ron seems pretty bored. I mean, he even came here to ask for translation help.

Maybe he's been doing WoG ports like the fairly recent Android one.

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Then next is... Symbian?