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hiMon, 02/14/2011 - 19:0212.39m8154 hours 26 min
hoMon, 09/17/2012 - 09:3041.07m57415 hours 2 min
MOMThu, 11/18/2010 - 11:1439.08m1,0257 hours 33 min
MOM4EvrFri, 10/10/2014 - 17:0729.33m1,3261 week 4 days
MOM4EvrSat, 07/09/2011 - 17:020.00m4501 hour 13 min
Why?Tue, 11/10/2009 - 10:1018.22m1,2604 days 16 hours
Why?Wed, 11/18/2009 - 10:2120.16m1,2675 days 5 hours
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What happened to all of the walls?

Release the Goo Balls in the correct order to build to the pipe.
And in the right timing.

A very special thanks to thB for his fixes and changes!Smile

Escape From The Depths

Frankie T. Huckleburk was a very bad Goo Ball.
He ended up in jail.
But World of Goo Corporation officials had a better idea for him...

I recognize that this level can be beaten while getting 2 balls and in 0 moves, but neither seemed like a good OCD. I have the OCD currently set at 75 seconds, which may be a little high. Let me know if you think this should be changed.

The Legal BETaco

Very taco-y

This is a fixed version of Tacomann12's BETATaco mod, a replacement for the common balls, which got taken off this site. Tacomann12 did most of the work, I just tweaked it a bit. The tacos now have 2 strands and cannot be detatched.
It is also in goomod 1.1 format.

Great work, Tacomann12! I love it! Smile

The Forest

See? The tree really only partially explodes

The last of the Goo Balls didn't seem to notice...
that this level was in the goomod 1.1 format and that it needed GooTool 1.0.1 or higher to run it!
Or that the music from this level was adapted from Commander Keen episode 4!
Or that no one cares?

Anyway, blow up a dead tree to free a bunch of poor little Goo Balls trapped inside.

But it's just not quite as simple as it sounds.

Version 1.1 Release:

*Collision rectangles enlarged so balls no longer get stuck inside cliff
*Artwork improved slightly

Version 1.2 Release:

Intelligent Islands

The Goo Machine

Toy with the BamGoozle Perpetual Motion Machine in the Goo Filled Hills! Whack a miniature Beauty around to your heart's content in Island 2! Set a bunch of sleeping Goo Balls on fire to explode a mysterious box in Chapter 3! Watch Goo Balls slide on the Slippery Information Superhighway! And fling bouncing Goo Balls around the Giant Telescope Cannon of Doom in Chapter 5!

World of Goo Screen Saver

Screenshot of Island 3

This is BETA software and comes with no warranty. There. I've said it.
Feel free to distribute this screen saver freely, as long as credit is given to MOM4Evr, and as long as no money is charged.

To download, click the "Download Now" link and
save it onto your computer someplace. Right-click on the program
and choose Install. Enjoy!
NOTE: This program does not, and will never, contain any viruses,
malware, spyware, and such.
This program has been tested on Microsoft Windows Vista and
found to work correctly. It should work fine on XP and 7 as well.

Goo Bowling

A simple level I made to bowl with Goo Balls.
Simply get a strike to get the OCD.
If anyone wants the OCD to be time-based, let me know.

Version 2.0 is out! Now you have to aim the bowling ball before firing. (Unless you particularly like getting gutter balls)

Version 2.1 changes:

*Now is in goomod 1.1 format
*Bowling ball no longer stretches when it launches out (looks more like real bowling ball now)

Version 2.2 changes:

* Added sounds to Goo Balls
* Tweaked appearance of bowling pins in tank
* Pipe no longer open on level start
* Various small tweaks

Escape from Shuttle Alpha

Into Space!

The last of the Goo Balls didn't seem to notice...
That they were in space!
And that someone mean put a bunch of spinning sawblades between them and the pipe.
And there are other dangers, as well.
Some have stronger gravity than others.

This level is fairly hard, if I do say so myself. It's possible to beat, though, with enough practice. Some players (who shall remain nameless) have more practice in this kind of gameplay than others.

Dynamite Fuse Balls

It's dynamite!
The Goo Balls, that is.
I noticed there weren't very many (none that I know of, in fact) mods to change the fuse balls, so this one turns them all into sticks of dynamite. Kaboom!

Version 1.1

-Upgraded to goomod version 1.1 spec.
-No longer has .bin file in override directory.

Angel Albino Balls

This simple addin gives all the albino goo balls an angelic halo.
Thanks to durr for the idea, and tacomann12 (I just modified his mod instead of starting from scratch).
NOTE: If you use these with xanax's devil goo balls, it creates a bizarre effect that is not entirely realistic. Don't blame me.


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