New Level Editor Features?!?

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Okay I've noticed Daft As Bush added some new features/tags and attributes to the level editor! I don't have any clue as to what they do so could someone please help me find out what they do and how they work? Also some of these I've seen but haven't figured out what they did despite that they were there before.

1. The radial force fields now have a rotationaldampeningfactor. What does that do? Dampen things that are being thrown in a circle within the force feild?

2. The tilecountx and tilecounty... what do those do? Limit the number of tiles appearing in an image?

3. The context tag, what does that do?

4.The tilex and tiley things have always been there, but what exactly are they for?

5. The major one: A NEW FORCE FIELD TYPE!?!? A slider?!? What does that do and how does it work?

6. What do the geom tags Contacts and Collide do?

7.(Sorry if I'm getting technical) The pretick attribute on particle effects?

8. The particles and pulse attributes on the signs? Does the pulse let you change how fast and slow the particles emit from the sign and particles allow you to change the sign from exclamation points to other things?

That's all, can someone PLEASE explain what these things are? I'd really like to use them if they do cool things! Thanks!

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Best thing to do with this stuff is to test it out and see what it does for yourself. Wink

But anyway:

1. Haven't toyed with it, but that would be my guess

2, 4. Tilex and tiley are used in some of the original levels too. See the reference guide here: , specifically the line: "tilex and tiley repeat the image across the whole level." tilecountx and tilecounty determine how many times the image is tiled. Without them, the image tiles infinitely (see the ground image in WOGCorp).

3. No idea. Play with it.

5. The slider is a new hinge type, not a force field. It was documented when it first came out. I would recommend using the handy-dandy "Search GooFans" search bar at the right of the screen to look for it. There's even been a few levels (I can think of at least one; I think inwog made it) that have used this new hinge.

6 If contacts=false, then geometry doesn't collide with anything else. This is incredibly useful, and is used a whole lot in the original levels. Poke around a bit. As for collide, after toying with it some, I think it's identical to contacts. If you set it false, then nothing collides with it.

7. Technical is good. Pretick, if I remember right, sets how long before the particle effect starts. I could be wrong on this.

8. Particles defines what particle effect the signs use. Probably the best thing is to keep that at the exclamation points. Some addin developers have changed this, and made burnt signs smoke or stuff like that. Not terribly useful to change. I think pulse is how fast, yes. Haven't toyed with it much.

Have fun! Smile If you have any more questions, we'd be glad to answer them!

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I like to add:

1. The rotationaldampeningfactor is dampening the rotation of objects within that force field, not the movement of it. It also can be set within linearforcefields.
Note: If it's set 1 or higher and the object get rotated forcibly, the game glitches and the object just vanish. (thinking of using it for a trap Wink)

3. No idea either. If you find out what it's for please report here.

5. Daft as Brush made a sample goomod with a slider: DaB's Discoveries and Experimental Fings

6. If collide="true", the geometry still can have tag attribute and balls will react on it. If set false, the tag will be ignored.

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Thanks! That helps a lot, I'll try to experiment and perhaps think of unrealisticly crazy ways to use these new things in our new game!... >:)

For those wondering, Earth of Goo is still being worked on, but not as often. It will be finished! Check out my website/YouTube !

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Maybe..Daft as Brush Hear my thoughts in the topics Smile

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Mostly correct, but:

Pulse is a boolean value, not a number, and you got pretick backwards: it runs the particle effects before the level starts, to allow them to cover the screen.

The level that Inwog made with a slider is in his "Challenge Levels", the last one with the beauty.

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