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PC emulators are OK. Stuff like the Playstation controller might get out of hand with the 4 shoulder buttons, but most games don't use them (or don't require regular use of them). I mean, I can play Tekken 3 pretty much like I'm using an actual PS1.

The only thing about N64 emulation is the C-buttons. But games that don't use them like Paper Mario are comfortably playable.

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In resume i like pocket games

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Unless you have a controller for the PC (which I do), MOM is right.

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Actually, I do have an SNES controller for the PC, too. I just don't play a lot of console games because I don't like getting confused with zillions of buttons.

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speaking of mario, i defeated bowser in world 8 in 8 hours. i thought the game was over but then luigi had been stolen, too. now it is insanely hard to play, as i am in the special worlds. even the first level of special world 1 was hard.