Whistle color

whistle colorAuthor: goo23
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Latest version: 3.5
Release date: 07/12/2012 - 13:47
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this mod change the whistle color into three different
wonderful color


version 3.1 is out!
now it change the whistle color into 6 different color
special thanks to Albino Pokey and me!


in the new version i fix some problem
and rename the ID

hope you like it!

P.S please rate Smile ( please Crying )

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whistle color
VersionPlatformRelease DateFilenameSizeDownloads
3.5AllThu, 07/12/2012 - 13:47com.goo23.whistle.color.goomod10.83 KB1,759
3.5AllThu, 07/12/2012 - 13:40com.goo23.new.version.whistle.color.goomod10.84 KB931
3.1AllFri, 05/25/2012 - 00:04com.goo23.new.version.whistle.color.goomod17.89 KB1,108
1.1AllSun, 05/20/2012 - 16:12com.goo23.whistle.color.goomod5.29 KB1,014

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