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Naveed's Profile
Events witnessed:
  • Connected to online leaderboard
  • World Of Goo Corporation opened
  • World Of Goo Corporation destroyed
  • Whistle found
  • Terms and Conditions accepted
Levels played: 142
Balls collected: 1342
Total time played: 2 weeks 1 day
World of Goo Corporation
Balls available: 300 total
3 bound
297 free
0 new
Construction: 3 nodes
3 strands
Height: 1.12m
World of Goo Corporation Construction
Official Levels
OCD Balls Moves Time
Going Up+0 balls1130:03
Small Divide+0 balls1680:08
Hang Low+1 balls2350:13
Impale Sticky+1 balls43160:24
Ivy Towers+0 balls1600:05
Tumbler+1 balls3660:08
Chain+14 balls3950:16
Flying Machine-3 time620:13
Fisty's Bog-1 moves10130:20
Tower of Goo+18 balls86230:31
Ode to the Bridge Builder+2 balls40290:32
Regurgitation Pumping Station-34 moves081:15
Drool+9 balls3340:20
Fly Away Little Ones+1 balls1300:17
Blustery Day+6 balls24160:42
Welcoming Unit+31 balls9250:38
Beauty School-5 time1810:16
Leap Hole-7 time830:06
Volcanic Percolator Day Spa-30 moves1800:22
Whistler-7 time2610:22
Beauty and the Electric Tentacle+9 balls3800:16
The Red Carpet-45 moves1800:25
Genetic Sorting Machine-21 moves2430:46
Burning Man-11 moves3700:06
Second Hand Smoke+1 balls2600:11
Super Fuse Challenge Time+0 balls32120:12
Upper Shaft+10 balls55110:20
Misty's Long Bony Road+18 balls44320:47
The Third Wheel-3 moves2461:25
Water Lock+0 balls4420:48
You Have To Explode The Head+38 balls8700:08
Incineration Destination-15 moves16190:47
Product Launcher-11 moves011:07
Hello, World-4 time2030:05
Bulletin Board System+2 balls1560:23
Grape Vine Virus+5 balls18281:03
Graphic Processing Unit+9 balls21100:32
Road Blocks-12 moves25100:41
Graceful Failure-27 time910:09
Alice and Bob and the Third Party+1 balls4360:53
The Server Farm+2 balls26100:08
MOM's Computer-14 moves010:06
Deliverance-3 moves040:56
Infesty the Worm+2 balls1830:50
Horizontal Transportation Innovation Committee+20 balls6010:22
Weather Vane+42 balls84170:24
Observatory Observation Station070:38
46 / 0 1,342 341 21:39
Fan Levels
OCD Balls Moves Time
Around The Wheel+32 time4650:40
BLIMPTASTIC+6 balls16452:58
BUG School #1-1 balls1000:08
BUG School #4-15 balls2523316:25
BUG School #5+3 moves470:30
BUG School #6-8 time15290:37
Beauty High School-3 time1850:27
Beauty Maze-3 balls47351:49
Beauty Roll+33 time35200:51
Big Impale Sticky+1 balls25933:21
Bomb Bomb+2 balls13130:13
Bug School 3+2 time200:11
Captured+1 balls23513:10
CatchIT-2 moves320:22
Cave 1-11 balls6170:48
Central Processing Unit+0 balls20101:13
Channel Obstacles+0 balls20664:03
Climb Time+12 balls4261:12
Collect and Go+11 balls431188:52
CommonBridge+183 moves01925:49
Critical point BUG11471:35
Deadly Road+25 balls451596:53
Deadly Rock-75 moves15400:58
Deja Vu+19 time19180:59
Escape From The Depths+88 time1202:43
Ferris Wheely-5 balls840:18
Fire and Earthquakes-22 balls78352:06
Frost+0 balls1600:18
Going Fire-2 balls16130:27
Goo At War+205 time72535:35
Goo Into Space+6 balls1800:26
GreenCarpet+120 time0762:51
Hard or easy+19 balls87944:48
HelloWorld 2+0 balls2171:18
High Gravity-7 balls18190:16
Higher And Higher-8 balls24202:32
InTheRiver1+0 balls270:35
Ivy And Pokey+0 balls4029911:12
Jumping tower+14 moves17191:52
Junk In The Trunk-17 balls4180:49
Killer Carpet+0 balls6232:09
Lake Water321185:13
Lemon-aid+0 balls15027117:31
LemonIze+1 balls26351:59
Ode To Builder+49 moves4794:35
Pipe problem+16 moves8250:50
Product Disposer+4 moves0130:40
Pushing-3 balls41124:35
Quick Bomb+0 time510:12
Racing With Fire-20 time2330:40
Rescue the goos450:29
Risky's High Spiky Cliff+14 balls40562:14
Rolling Rocks+1 time070:31
Rolly+0 balls2400:08
Screen Cross.+12 balls6430:40
Skills+0 balls1080:50
Spinning Spikes+0 moves310:15
The Heat Bomb+7 balls32100:14
The Other Shaft+90 moves181798:39
The Pipe Bugs-2 time1800:02
The Red Cave+34 balls74423:01
The Trick+55 time2401:40
The Ugly Sacrifice+5 balls1810:17
The electric chain3019112:56
The pink lady and the strange thing+0 balls1900:10
The small room+4 moves2211:21
Tower of water-1 balls3470:16
Tumbler 2-3 balls37170:31
Under the Tree-5 balls11452:50
Up The Chimney000:07
Very Tall-30 balls000:31
Whacky Learning+0 balls8331:17
Zero G+0 balls710:04
blow-5 moves020:02
bomber-32 time1300:48
well...+4 balls2481:08