Going Up

The Goo Filled Hills

Normal: 4 balls
OCD: 11 balls

No previous level.
Next level:
Small Divide.

easy as Goo pie

Simply make a structure going upwards in the shape of a bottle. To get the OCD, simple complete the structure using three (3) goo balls.

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World of Goo OCD - Going Up
World of Goo OCD - Going Up
by davidc32346.
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Balls Used

  • 18 common (1 sleeping, 3 attached)
<level ballsrequired="4" letterboxed="false" visualdebug="false" autobounds="true" textcolor="255,255,255" timebugprobability="0" strandgeom="false" allowskip="true" >
	<!-- Camera -->
	<camera aspect="normal" endpos="0,327" endzoom="0.936">
		<poi pos="6,634.5" traveltime="0" pause="0" zoom="1" />
		<poi pos="1,313.5" traveltime="2" pause="0" zoom="1" />
	<camera aspect="widescreen" endpos="0,327" endzoom="1.273">
		<poi pos="0,624.5" traveltime="0" pause="0" zoom="1.273" />
		<poi pos="0,241.8" traveltime="2" pause="0" zoom="1.273" />
	<!-- Music -->
	<!-- Fire -->
	<!-- Signposts -->
	<!-- Pipes -->
	<pipe id="0" depth="0" >
		<Vertex x="0" y="514" />
		<Vertex x="0" y="614" />
		<Vertex x="100" y="614" />
		<Vertex x="100" y="879" />
		<Vertex x="0" y="879" />
		<Vertex x="0" y="1064" />
	<!-- Balls -->
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-88.5" y="98.5" id="0" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="49.5" y="101.5" id="1" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="39.5" y="205.5" id="2" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-73.5" y="189.5" id="3" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-286.5" y="1332" id="4" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="243.5" y="1881" id="5" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-26.5" y="1570" id="6" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="296.5" y="1566" id="7" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-286.5" y="1520" id="8" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="189.5" y="2710" id="9" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="119.5" y="2225" id="10" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="128.5" y="2086" id="11" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="255.5" y="1331" id="12" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-107.5" y="2702" id="13" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="341.5" y="1468" id="14" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-212.5" y="1920" id="15" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-294.5" y="2087" id="16" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-39.5" y="1816" id="17" angle="0" />
	<!-- Arms -->
	<Strand gb1="0" gb2="2" />
	<Strand gb1="3" gb2="2" />
	<Strand gb1="2" gb2="1" />
	<Strand gb1="1" gb2="0" />
	<Strand gb1="0" gb2="3" />
	<Strand gb1="3" gb2="1" />
	<!-- Level Exit -->
	<levelexit id="theExit" pos="0,514" radius="75" filter="" >
<scene minx="-430" miny="0" maxx="430" maxy="1000" backgroundcolor="0,0,0" >
	<!-- ForceFields -->
	<linearforcefield type="gravity" force="0,-10" dampeningfactor="0" antigrav="true" geomonly="false" />
	<!-- Particles -->
	<particles effect="bigleaves1" depth="240" pretick="0" />
	<particles effect="smallleaves1" depth="-240" pretick="0" />
	<!-- SceneLayers -->
	<SceneLayer name="bush_fg1a" depth="200" x="7.25" y="56.95" scalex="0.963" scaley="0.963" rotation="1.25" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_GOINGUP_BUSH_FG1A"   />
	<SceneLayer name="bush_fg1a" depth="200" x="312.25" y="68.93" scalex="0.963" scaley="0.963" rotation="-17.99" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_GOINGUP_BUSH_FG1A"   />
	<SceneLayer name="bush_fg1a" depth="200" x="-332.74" y="64.51" scalex="0.833" scaley="0.833" rotation="12.2" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_GOINGUP_BUSH_FG1A"   />
	<SceneLayer name="bush_leafy_1" depth="120" x="-29.44" y="32.14" scalex="1.252" scaley="1.252" rotation="12.92" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_GOINGUP_BUSH_LEAFY_1"   />
	<SceneLayer name="hill_fg1a" depth="0" x="-0.04" y="50.53" scalex="1.012" scaley="1" rotation="0" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_GOINGUP_HILL_FG1A"   />
	<SceneLayer name="tree_stripe1" depth="-8" x="-386.22" y="200.68" scalex="0.821" scaley="0.821" rotation="-155.58" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_GOINGUP_TREE_STRIPE1"   />
	<SceneLayer name="bush_leafy_1b" depth="-80" x="290.8" y="52.17" scalex="0.997" scaley="1.001" rotation="-6.31" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_GOINGUP_BUSH_LEAFY_1B"   />
	<SceneLayer name="bush_leafy_1b" depth="-80" x="-270.15" y="49.81" scalex="1.098" scaley="1.1" rotation="18.97" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_GOINGUP_BUSH_LEAFY_1B"   />
	<SceneLayer name="tree_stripe1" depth="-88" x="377" y="256" scalex="1.02" scaley="1.02" rotation="-27.66" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_GOINGUP_TREE_STRIPE1"   />
	<SceneLayer name="bush_leafy_1" depth="-120" x="330.53" y="46.15" scalex="1.252" scaley="1.252" rotation="-6.41" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_GOINGUP_BUSH_LEAFY_1"   />
	<SceneLayer name="bush_leafy_1" depth="-120" x="-313.65" y="78.78" scalex="1.253" scaley="1.25" rotation="12.97" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_GOINGUP_BUSH_LEAFY_1"   />
	<SceneLayer name="tutorialPost" depth="-360" x="-302.5" y="227" scalex="1" scaley="1" rotation="0" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_GOINGUP_TUTORIALPOST"   />
	<SceneLayer name="sky_blue2a" depth="-600" x="-0.08" y="420.94" scalex="3.361" scaley="6.042" rotation="0" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_GOINGUP_SKY_BLUE2A"   />
	<!-- Buttons -->
	<!-- Labels -->
	<!-- Static Geometry -->
	<circle id="ground" static="true" tag="walkable" material="verysticky" x="-7" y="-817" radius="900" />
	<line id="" static="true" tag="detaching" material="rock" anchor="436.5,331.5" normal="-1,-0.0071" />
	<line id="" static="true" tag="detaching" material="rock" anchor="-437,321" normal="1,-0.0056" />
	<line id="" static="true" material="rock" anchor="-14,18.5" normal="-0.0031,1" />
	<!-- Dynamic Geometry -->
	<!-- Geometry Constraints -->