Hang Low

The Goo Filled Hills

Normal: 8 balls
OCD: 22 balls

Previous level:
Small Divide.
Next level:
Impale Sticky.

wake up the sleeping Goo

Build a ladder down to wake up the sleeping Goo's, then build up to the top.


This cave looks like it's been undisturbed for thousands of years...
Until now!
When the pipe broke through the ceiling above, the sunlight must have blinded these rare Albino GooBalls.
They didn't seem to notice when it began to snow.
Maybe they would wake up if they had something to jump onto.
-the Sign Painter

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World of Goo OCD - Hang Low
World of Goo OCD - Hang Low
by davidc32346.
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Balls Used

<level ballsrequired="8" letterboxed="false" visualdebug="false" autobounds="false" textcolor="255,255,255" texteffects="true" timebugprobability="0" strandgeom="true" allowskip="false" >
	<!-- Camera -->
	<camera aspect="normal" endpos="0,627.09" endzoom="0.942">
		<poi pos="0,875" traveltime="0" pause="0" zoom="0.946" />
		<poi pos="2.5,307.5" traveltime="5" pause="0" zoom="1" />
	<camera aspect="widescreen" endpos="0,627.09" endzoom="1.217">
		<poi pos="0,875" traveltime="0" pause="0" zoom="1.217" />
		<poi pos="0,307.5" traveltime="5" pause="0" zoom="1.217" />
	<!-- Music -->
	<!-- Fire -->
	<!-- Signposts -->
	<signpost name="signpost_gray" depth="8" x="-250.33" y="270.6" scalex="0.931" scaley="0.931" rotation="-27.36" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HANGLOW_SIGNPOST_GRAY" text="SIGNPOST_HANGLOW_1"   />
	<!-- Pipes -->
	<pipe id="0" depth="-0.8" >
		<Vertex x="-2" y="1055" />
		<Vertex x="-2" y="1161" />
		<Vertex x="119" y="1161" />
		<Vertex x="119" y="1295" />
	<!-- Balls -->
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="-66" y="592" id="0" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="-176" y="666" id="1" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="-52.51" y="667" id="2" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="172" y="636" id="3" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="54" y="578" id="4" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="30.01" y="639.5" id="5" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="67" y="673" id="6" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="116" y="612" id="7" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="-104" y="619" id="8" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="-7" y="709" id="9" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="85" y="594" id="10" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="11" y="586" id="11" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="-30" y="589" id="12" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="195" y="405" id="13" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="161" y="415" id="14" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="-183.51" y="393.5" id="15" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="-5.99" y="435" id="16" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="71" y="455.5" id="17" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="-156" y="308" id="18" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="255" y="251" id="19" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="-106" y="229" id="20" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="-251" y="367" id="21" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="21" y="313" id="22" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="115" y="251" id="23" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="192" y="299" id="24" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="-17" y="213" id="25" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="86" y="152" id="26" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="-150" y="438" id="27" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="-36" y="390" id="28" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="221" y="367" id="29" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="88" y="346" id="30" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common_albino" x="-107" y="354" id="31" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<!-- Arms -->
	<Strand gb1="1" gb2="0" />
	<Strand gb1="0" gb2="4" />
	<Strand gb1="4" gb2="3" />
	<!-- Level Exit -->
	<levelexit id="theExit" pos="-2,1055" radius="75" filter="" >
<scene minx="-450" miny="0" maxx="450" maxy="1200" backgroundcolor="0,0,0" >
	<!-- ForceFields -->
	<linearforcefield type="gravity" force="0,-10" dampeningfactor="0" antigrav="true" geomonly="false" />
	<!-- Particles -->
	<particles effect="snowDense" depth="480" pretick="0" />
	<particles effect="snowDense" depth="-160" pretick="0" />
	<!-- SceneLayers -->
	<SceneLayer name="lightShaft1" depth="80" x="203.87" y="619.05" scalex="1.851" scaley="2.764" rotation="-21.91" alpha="0.64999997615814" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HANGLOW_LIGHTSHAFT1"   />
	<SceneLayer name="lightShaft1" depth="16" x="-132.82" y="704.34" scalex="1.28" scaley="2.764" rotation="-38.75" alpha="0.40000000596046" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HANGLOW_LIGHTSHAFT1"   />
	<SceneLayer name="signpostPole_gray" depth="7.2" x="-263.7" y="251.63" scalex="1" scaley="1.209" rotation="-26.56" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HANGLOW_SIGNPOSTPOLE_GRAY"   />
	<SceneLayer name="icebridge1" depth="0" x="-0.04" y="133.04" scalex="1" scaley="1" rotation="0" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HANGLOW_ICEBRIDGE1"   />
	<SceneLayer name="bg" depth="-240" x="-0.03" y="600" scalex="1.758" scaley="2.344" rotation="0" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HANGLOW_BG"   />
	<!-- Buttons -->
	<!-- Labels -->
	<!-- Static Geometry -->
	<line id="right" static="true" tag="detaching" material="rock" anchor="452.3174,599.9089" normal="-0.9999,0.0152" />
	<line id="left" static="true" tag="detaching" material="rock" anchor="-448.3872,606.6589" normal="0.9998,0.0191" />
	<line id="bottom" static="true" material="ice" anchor="-22,99" normal="0.0288,0.9996" />
	<compositegeom id="baseR" x="357.3335" y="-84.3022" rotation="0" static="true" material="ice" >
		<rectangle id="" x="-208.1392" y="99.3823" width="108.7299" height="206.1995" rotation="0.3924" />
		<rectangle id="" x="83.0034" y="226.5088" width="218.2348" height="206.1985" rotation="0.4096" />
		<circle id="" x="0" y="-39.6982" radius="324.8335" />
	<compositegeom id="baseL" x="-384.6855" y="-70.7769" rotation="0" static="true" material="ice" >
		<rectangle id="" x="236.1626" y="117.9326" width="158.7275" height="165.9026" rotation="-0.4284" />
		<circle id="" x="-17.981" y="-13.2236" radius="324.8335" />
		<rectangle id="" x="-78.7173" y="236.0049" width="153.8286" height="178.0593" rotation="-0.1917" />
	<!-- Dynamic Geometry -->
	<rectangle id="platformLeft" mass="200" static="false" tag="walkable" material="sticky" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HANGLOW_ICEPLATFORM1" imagepos="-296.5401,512.5431" imagerot="0" imagescale="1.0001,1.0001" x="-204.5" y="637" width="161" height="34" rotation="0" />
	<rectangle id="platformRight" mass="200" static="false" tag="walkable" material="sticky" image="IMAGE_SCENE_HANGLOW_ICEPLATFORM2" imagepos="295.4599,482.5431" imagerot="0" imagescale="1.0001,1.0001" x="203.5" y="603.5" width="161" height="33" rotation="0" />
	<!-- Geometry Constraints -->
	<hinge body1="platformLeft" anchor="-462.5,403" lostop="0" histop="0" bounce="0.1"/>
	<hinge body1="platformRight" anchor="465,378" lostop="0" histop="0" bounce="0.1"/>