Graceful Failure

Information Superhighway

Normal: 4 balls
OCD: 36 seconds

Previous level:
Road Blocks.
Next levels:
The Server Farm,
Alice and Bob and the Third Party.



It looks like this socket is BLOCKED!
Did you know?
Users used to wander the Information Superhighway sniffing for ports just like this
to see if they could gain unauthorized access.
But sometimes it was a trap.
Brute force might work.
But sometimes it requires billions of years of computation!
Maybe if you strategically slide the variables around...
...the data will fall right into place!
-the totally 1337 Sign Painter

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World of Goo: Chapter 4 - Graceful Failure (OCD)
World of Goo: Chapter 4 - Graceful Failure (OCD)
by otscho.
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Balls Used

<level ballsrequired="4" letterboxed="false" visualdebug="false" autobounds="false" textcolor="255,255,255" texteffects="true" timebugprobability="0.5" strandgeom="false" allowskip="true" >
	<!-- Camera -->
	<camera aspect="normal">
		<poi pos="40.33,365" traveltime="0" pause="0" zoom="0.838" />
		<poi pos="120,2167.5" traveltime="10" pause="0" zoom="0.93" />
	<camera aspect="widescreen">
		<poi pos="40.33,365" traveltime="0" pause="0" zoom="0.838" />
		<poi pos="111.44,2167.5" traveltime="10" pause="0" zoom="0.93" />
	<!-- Music -->
	<!-- Fire -->
	<!-- Signposts -->
		<signpost name="pterminalMonitor_over" depth="-8" x="-203.59" y="724.89" scalex="0.9" scaley="0.9" rotation="109.09" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_GRACEFULFAILURE_PTERMINALMONITOR_OVER" text="SIGNPOST_GRACEFULFAILURE_1"   />
	<!-- Pipes -->
	<pipe id="0" depth="0" >
		<Vertex x="-41" y="276" />
		<Vertex x="-41" y="-74" />
		<Vertex x="9" y="-74" />
	<!-- Balls -->
	<BallInstance type="GooProduct" x="42.5" y="2162.5" id="0" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="GooProduct" x="-42.5" y="2162.5" id="1" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="GooProduct" x="0" y="2237.5" id="2" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="UglyProduct" x="12.5" y="2217.5" id="3" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="UglyProduct" x="-12.5" y="2217.5" id="4" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="UglyProduct" x="-13" y="2188.5" id="5" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="UglyProduct" x="11" y="2188.5" id="6" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="UglyProduct" x="18.5" y="2162.5" id="7" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="UglyProduct" x="-19.5" y="2163.5" id="8" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="RectHead" x="-100" y="1225" id="9" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="RectHead" x="0" y="2125" id="10" angle="180" />
	<BallInstance type="RectHead" x="0" y="1975" id="11" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="RectHead" x="0" y="1825" id="12" angle="180" />
	<BallInstance type="RectHead" x="100" y="1100" id="13" angle="-90" />
	<BallInstance type="RectHead" x="150" y="1100" id="14" angle="90" />
	<BallInstance type="RectHead" x="-175" y="1350" id="15" angle="-90" />
	<BallInstance type="RectHead" x="175" y="1350" id="16" angle="90" />
	<BallInstance type="RectHead" x="100" y="1225" id="17" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="RectHead" x="0" y="1525" id="18" angle="180" />
	<BallInstance type="RectHead" x="0" y="1475" id="19" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="RectHead" x="0" y="1675" id="20" angle="180" />
	<BallInstance type="BlockHead" x="0" y="2050" id="21" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="BlockHead" x="0" y="1900" id="22" angle="90" />
	<BallInstance type="BlockHead" x="-120" y="1900" id="23" angle="180" />
	<BallInstance type="BlockHead" x="75" y="1750" id="24" angle="270" />
	<BallInstance type="BlockHead" x="-50" y="1750" id="25" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="BlockHead" x="75" y="1600" id="26" angle="90" />
	<BallInstance type="BlockHead" x="-75" y="1600" id="27" angle="180" />
	<BallInstance type="BlockHead" x="-125" y="1050" id="28" angle="270" />
	<BallInstance type="BlockHead" x="-100" y="1150" id="29" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="BlockHead" x="75" y="1400" id="30" angle="90" />
	<BallInstance type="BlockHead" x="100" y="1300" id="31" angle="180" />
	<BallInstance type="BlockHead" x="0" y="1300" id="32" angle="270" />
	<BallInstance type="BlockHead" x="-100" y="1300" id="33" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="BlockHead" x="-200" y="1150" id="34" angle="90" />
	<BallInstance type="BlockHead" x="-75" y="1400" id="35" angle="180" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="23.33" y="375.67" id="36" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-82" y="416.67" id="37" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="74.33" y="635.51" id="38" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="60" y="471" id="39" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<BallInstance type="common" x="-43.33" y="505" id="40" discovered="false" angle="0" />
	<!-- Arms -->
	<Strand gb1="1" gb2="0" />
	<Strand gb1="2" gb2="0" />
	<Strand gb1="1" gb2="2" />
	<Strand gb1="39" gb2="37" />
	<Strand gb1="40" gb2="36" />
	<Strand gb1="37" gb2="40" />
	<Strand gb1="36" gb2="37" />
	<Strand gb1="39" gb2="36" />
	<Strand gb1="40" gb2="39" />
	<!-- Level Exit -->
	<levelexit id="theExit" pos="-41,276" radius="75" filter="" >
<scene minx="-700" miny="0" maxx="700" maxy="2600" backgroundcolor="0,0,0" >
	<!-- ForceFields -->
	<linearforcefield id="pipeWater" type="gravity" center="-15.5,14" width="125" height="78" force="0,20" dampeningfactor="1" antigrav="true" geomonly="false" enabled="true" water="true" color="255,0,0,0" depth="1" />
	<linearforcefield type="gravity" force="0,-10" dampeningfactor="0" antigrav="true" geomonly="false" />
	<!-- Particles -->
	<particles effect="blackBallsRising" depth="-80" pretick="0" />
	<particles effect="blackBallsRising" depth="80" pretick="0" />
	<particles effect="breezeRight" depth="80" pretick="0" />
	<!-- SceneLayers -->
		<SceneLayer name="main2" depth="0" x="97.61" y="501.44" scalex="1.275" scaley="0.984" rotation="0" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_GRACEFULFAILURE_MAIN2"   />
		<SceneLayer name="main1" depth="0" x="-98.76" y="502.25" scalex="1.284" scaley="0.986" rotation="0" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_GRACEFULFAILURE_MAIN1"   />
		<SceneLayer name="pterminalPole" depth="-8.8" x="-161.87" y="745.06" scalex="1.205" scaley="1.014" rotation="115.11" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_GRACEFULFAILURE_PTERMINALPOLE"   />
	<SceneLayer name="MachineWheel1Small" depth="-8" x="87.95" y="844.49" scalex="0.586" scaley="0.586" rotation="-38.61" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_GRACEFULFAILURE_MACHINEWHEEL1SMALL" anim="rot_1rps" animspeed="0.1"   />
	<SceneLayer name="MachineWheel1Small" depth="-8" x="-79.74" y="825.97" scalex="0.658" scaley="0.658" rotation="0" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_GRACEFULFAILURE_MACHINEWHEEL1SMALL" anim="rot_1rps" animspeed="-0.1"   />
	<SceneLayer name="bush_leafy_1" depth="-12" x="44.67" y="475.51" scalex="0.811" scaley="0.719" rotation="71.65" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_GRACEFULFAILURE_BUSH_LEAFY_1"   />
	<SceneLayer name="bush_leafy_1" depth="-12" x="64.96" y="845.09" scalex="0.823" scaley="0.719" rotation="101.07" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_GRACEFULFAILURE_BUSH_LEAFY_1"   />
	<SceneLayer name="bush_leafy_1" depth="-12" x="-57.04" y="859.76" scalex="0.823" scaley="0.719" rotation="-71.62" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_GRACEFULFAILURE_BUSH_LEAFY_1"   />
	<SceneLayer name="mainbg" depth="-16" x="7.83" y="493.72" scalex="2.278" scaley="1.95" rotation="0" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_GRACEFULFAILURE_MAINBG"   />
		<SceneLayer name="stormCloud1" depth="-400" x="-51.43" y="2669.04" scalex="6.847" scaley="5.656" rotation="0" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_GRACEFULFAILURE_STORMCLOUD1"   />
		<SceneLayer name="stormCloud1" depth="-400" x="349.73" y="1739.61" scalex="3.064" scaley="2.531" rotation="-8.09" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_GRACEFULFAILURE_STORMCLOUD1"   />
		<SceneLayer name="stormCloud1" depth="-400" x="-423.79" y="1262.51" scalex="2.353" scaley="1.953" rotation="13.33" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_GRACEFULFAILURE_STORMCLOUD1"   />
	<SceneLayer name="bg" depth="-800" x="-0.03" y="1300.01" scalex="2.719" scaley="4.059" rotation="0" alpha="1" colorize="255,255,255" image="IMAGE_SCENE_GRACEFULFAILURE_BG"   />
	<!-- Buttons -->
	<!-- Labels -->
	<!-- Static Geometry -->
	<rectangle id="detachArea" static="true" tag="detaching" material="rock" contacts="false" x="-0.6667" y="896.333" width="195.3335" height="132" rotation="0" />
	<circle id="" static="true" material="rock" x="-38.999" y="589.666" radius="28.667" />
	<circle id="" static="true" material="rock" x="35.001" y="343.666" radius="28.667" />
	<circle id="" static="true" material="rock" x="-130.333" y="351.666" radius="18.667" />
	<rectangle id="" static="true" material="rock" x="132.7925" y="627.6182" width="31.6172" height="82.5592" rotation="-0.0078" />
	<rectangle id="" static="true" material="rock" x="102.9771" y="735.0806" width="46.7845" height="154.0847" rotation="0.4041" />
	<rectangle id="" static="true" material="rock" x="85.8281" y="480.8486" width="26.6679" height="257.2112" rotation="-0.4031" />
	<rectangle id="" static="true" material="rock" x="-80.2063" y="466.1025" width="26.6677" height="232.168" rotation="-0.4031" />
	<rectangle id="" static="true" material="rock" x="45.6616" y="148.6377" width="33.2113" height="358.5391" rotation="0.0973" />
	<rectangle id="" static="true" material="rock" x="-107.5381" y="158.8066" width="25.265" height="358.5397" rotation="0.1154" />
	<rectangle id="" static="true" material="rock" x="-63.457" y="701.6211" width="43.6307" height="205.7678" rotation="0.2572" />
	<rectangle id="" static="true" material="rock" x="127.6118" y="816.1226" width="38.6612" height="284.273" rotation="-0.0091" />
	<rectangle id="" static="true" material="rock" x="-123.3376" y="818.0527" width="41.3293" height="104.029" rotation="0.2826" />
	<rectangle id="" static="true" material="rock" x="125" y="975" width="100" height="50" rotation="0" />
	<rectangle id="" static="true" material="rock" x="-125" y="975" width="100" height="50" rotation="0" />
	<compositegeom id="detachwheel2" x="92.2036" y="881.8794" rotation="0" static="true" tag="mostlydeadly" material="machine" >
		<rectangle id="" x="12.4717" y="41.9277" width="74.0004" height="95.8045" rotation="-0.3464" />
		<circle id="" x="-1.0366" y="-37.0464" radius="62.5" />
	<compositegeom id="detachwheel1" x="-85.5457" y="871.5259" rotation="0" static="true" tag="mostlydeadly" material="machine" >
		<rectangle id="" x="-21.8315" y="42.4399" width="71.8947" height="110.1615" rotation="0.2826" />
		<circle id="" x="9.2122" y="-42.8599" radius="62.5" />
	<line id="killfloor" static="true" tag="deadly" material="machine" anchor="160,-534.5059" normal="0,1" />
	<!-- Dynamic Geometry -->
	<!-- Geometry Constraints -->