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Author of World of Goo Themed Platform Game and over 50 World of Goo levels.

Notable addins:
Experimental Level Project (2010,2011,2016)
"Sunshine" themed level (I love this one)
Ivy Puzzle (A new standard in goo-building)
Impossible Mission
Tumbler in the Sky
The Demo Tower (the balls may expire)
Chamber of Secrets (Drool 2 inspired)
Play with the Goo-Physics:
Labyrinth of Surprises (Gotha! inspired)
Ode to Chain Builder
Cannon of Goo
Transporting Machine
Escape form the Collector
Nice tiny experiments:
Escape from the Distant Planet, Pipe Problem, A Big Fall, The Evil Edge, The Other Climbing, Tower in Darkness.

World of Goo

Towers by Goosweek
Namesort iconUpdatedHighest TowerBalls CollectedPlay Time
PiotrMon, 01/18/2010 - 09:2729.71m1,1164 days 6 hours
PiotrSat, 01/30/2010 - 04:4831.32m1,1594 days 15 hours
PiotrSun, 02/07/2010 - 07:3725.61m1,1644 days 17 hours
PiotrFri, 03/05/2010 - 01:2832.38m1,1714 days 20 hours
PiotrSat, 03/13/2010 - 13:3633.56m1,1935 days 4 hours
PiotrSun, 04/18/2010 - 03:2830.30m1,1956 days 8 hours
PiotrSat, 05/08/2010 - 07:4110.24m1,2026 days 20 hours
PiotrSun, 02/13/2011 - 13:1535.13m1,2721 week 9 hours
Addins by Goosweek

Albino Tower

albinos go up!

Cave Escape!

Albino Goo Balls decided to escape from a deep cave where they have lived for ages!
It's stupid idea...

Super Ivy Tower

the hole...

Goo balls went down a deep hole to found misterious signposts. Those signposts include all the history of their World! But now they want to go up... help them!

What do you think about my World of Goo History?

Bug with Death

Pokey survives!

It's a level based on a bug with deadly tag for compositegeom.
In this place Pokey is better than Bone!

It's not very difficult or interesting level, but interesting... feature.

PS. two addins one day... my record! Smile

Fourth Wheel

under 1st wheel

My 3rd darkness level.
Just use four wheels to reach the pipe at the top... And you have two Pokeys!

OCD: 34 balls.
My best result is 42 balls (check out screenshot)


This level is inspired by Kyle's "Sunshine" game.
You can get the game with Kyle Gabler's Experimental Games Package.

This level is not very advenced as a WoG level (only building tower with balloons).
OCD is only 30 balls.
Enjoy unique Sunshine Goo Balls!

VERSION 0.2 !!!
And falling people as particle-effect! Bigger bg image.


Another hand-made graphics, another Goosweek's level...

OCD is not very difficult (28 of 30 balls).

Obsessive Climbing

Another level from "Goosweek's Goomods Factory":

Goo Balls need to climb up the conveyor belt. But it's going down and down...


OCD is now 35 balls.

My first level with histop, lostop & bounce parameters of hinge!

Escape from the Distant Planet

It's my 31th level at GooFans! (Additional level in The Door addin is not included)

Some of Goo Balls were thrown at the distant planet by the huge explosion of World of Goo Corporation! But they need to escape because of dangerous rolling wheel!

OCD 34 balls (max).

As I know, it's world's first level with rolling object (new WoGLE does not like such things)...

High Gravity Level

Not very big tower, but very big gravity!
Is it easy?

OCD = 25 balls.

Wall of Death

Hi numbers!

This level is about numbers...
There are 19 numbers and hanging Goo Balls.

But when you choose wrong number...
And when too much balls are attached to this point... will have surprise!


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