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Author of World of Goo Themed Platform Game and over 50 World of Goo levels.

Notable addins:
Experimental Level Project (2010,2011,2016)
"Sunshine" themed level (I love this one)
Ivy Puzzle (A new standard in goo-building)
Impossible Mission
Tumbler in the Sky
The Demo Tower (the balls may expire)
Chamber of Secrets (Drool 2 inspired)
Play with the Goo-Physics:
Labyrinth of Surprises (Gotha! inspired)
Ode to Chain Builder
Cannon of Goo
Transporting Machine
Escape form the Collector
Nice tiny experiments:
Escape from the Distant Planet, Pipe Problem, A Big Fall, The Evil Edge, The Other Climbing, Tower in Darkness.

World of Goo

Towers by Goosweek
Namesort iconUpdatedHighest TowerBalls CollectedPlay Time
PiotrMon, 01/18/2010 - 09:2729.71m1,1164 days 6 hours
PiotrSat, 01/30/2010 - 04:4831.32m1,1594 days 15 hours
PiotrSun, 02/07/2010 - 07:3725.61m1,1644 days 17 hours
PiotrFri, 03/05/2010 - 01:2832.38m1,1714 days 20 hours
PiotrSat, 03/13/2010 - 13:3633.56m1,1935 days 4 hours
PiotrSun, 04/18/2010 - 03:2830.30m1,1956 days 8 hours
PiotrSat, 05/08/2010 - 07:4110.24m1,2026 days 20 hours
PiotrSun, 02/13/2011 - 13:1535.13m1,2721 week 9 hours
Addins by Goosweek

A big FALL

How to destroy a construction with any spikes and gears?

It might be easy, because of helpfull Sign Painter.

It's my 29th level published at GooFans!

The Door

This is very old level.
When it was created I wasn't known at GooFans.
But today, with new WoG Editor and my own knowledge...

It's not the best of my levels.

Labyrinth of Surprises

Let's start!

Inspired by DaB's GOTCHA! level.

New surprises are waiting for Goo Balls...
This level is easier than "Gotcha!" but... my own...

Please no spoilers. I'm not a moderator, and I can't delete them.


Super Beauty Challenge Time


This level is a mix of Ode To Bridge Builder, Super Fuse Challenge Time and my own Experimental Level 8.

You only have to built not very long bridge for our Lady using flammable balls. Of course it could simply burn down...

It's not a problem, because of one, very helpful Water Goo!
39 balls for OCD.

Ode To The Unstable Platforms

Getting down

It's my 24th level, but 1st goomod created by WooGLE (I must make some changes in final file, but...)

There are 7 unstable platforms connected together.
And there's bug with connections... But it's not dangerous.

Save 29 balls for OCD. Sometimes balls dies at start...

Central Processing GOOnit


Over many years ago, the Ideas Finder invented Central Processing Goonit to give towerfull power to GOO! Before this event, all over the World was only few Goo Balls. They founded ancient World of Goo Corporation. Goo Balls decided to hide CPGoo and give special security for it. For more than many years CPGoo was giving enough power for Goo Balls. But today we need more power and more balls - to built higher. And some fresh Goo Balls should be send to the GOOnit to upgrade it.
GOOs need to destroy security system and give to the World real POWER of GOO!

Eyefull Corporation

Lot of EYES

GOO CORP BALLS with 4 eyes!

This mod was created and published in less than 20 minutes.

External "Vector Sandbox"

It's something like protothypes from Experimental Gameplay Project.
But the author is not Kyle Gabler, but... Goosweek's Goomods Factory.

This is free area filled by Goo Balls working like this from Information Superhighway.
Two MODS allowed:
NORMAL - with vertical gravity
RADIAL - with central gravity like in Graphics Processing Unit.

Full information about options under F1 key.

Chamber of Secrets

Water and fire

New Goosweek's level inspired by Drool2 (I have never beat Drool2 Sad).

For OCD you must find hidden Chamber of Secrets filled by Albino Goo Balls.

I hope it's interesting level.

The Other Climbing


While the Experimental Level Project is not finished, I have created this level.

It's only 15 goo balls, three lines, three images, one pipe and... about 30 meters to go!

Probably someone can do it better: OCD = 96 moves.

Have fun with this not very advanced Goosweek's level.


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