James's World of Goo profile

James's Profile
Events witnessed:
  • World Of Goo Corporation opened
  • World Of Goo Corporation destroyed
  • Whistle found
  • Terms and Conditions accepted
Levels played: 149
Balls collected: 1171
Total time played: 1 week 3 days
World of Goo Corporation
Balls available: 300 total
299 bound
1 free
29 new
Construction: 171 nodes
446 strands
Height: 32.57m
World of Goo Corporation Construction
Official Levels
OCD Balls Moves Time
Going Up+0 balls1130:12
Small Divide+0 balls1680:31
Hang Low+0 balls2261:07
Impale Sticky+0 balls42150:54
Flying Machine-1 time6100:15
Ivy Towers+0 balls16220:55
Tumbler+0 balls35310:53
Tower of Goo+14 balls82261:12
Chain+0 balls25170:44
Ode to the Bridge Builder+3 balls41261:23
Regurgitation Pumping Station+0 moves0421:49
Drool+0 balls24182:12
Blustery Day+3 balls21313:17
Welcoming Unit+26 balls87152:00
Beauty School-1 time1860:20
Leap Hole-3 time8100:10
Whistler-1 time2620:28
Volcanic Percolator Day Spa+0 moves18301:56
Beauty and the Electric Tentacle+0 balls29573:03
The Red Carpet-21 moves18246:00
Genetic Sorting Machine+0 moves18242:48
Burning Man-7 moves3541:46
Second Hand Smoke-9 balls1680:37
Water Lock+0 balls4441:54
Super Fuse Challenge Time-5 balls27371:26
Incineration Destination-9 moves16252:27
Product Launcher+1 moves0131:25
Hello, World+0 time1070:09
Bulletin Board System+0 balls13271:52
Grape Vine Virus+0 balls13483:00
Graphic Processing Unit+0 balls12151:57
Road Blocks-6 moves10160:53
Graceful Failure-15 time780:21
The Server Farm+0 balls24120:28
MOM's Computer-5 moves0100:58
Deliverance-2 moves051:12
Observatory Observation Station0111:03
Fisty's Bog+0 moves11140:44
Alice and Bob and the Third Party+1 balls43242:53
Fly Away Little Ones+0 balls12271:35
Misty's Long Bony Road+19 balls45382:02
The Third Wheel+1 moves22101:33
You Have To Explode The Head+15 balls64503:29
Upper Shaft+3 balls48787:00
Weather Vane+35 balls77592:28
Infesty the Worm+1 balls17614:08
Horizontal Transportation Innovation Committee+2 balls42321:32
42 / 4 1,171 1,066 81:01
Fan Levels
OCD Balls Moves Time
Acid of Goo+61 time27151:38
Air Tunnel-10 balls25899:25
AirBridge+0 balls12512:44
Albino's Bridge Passage-3 balls33341:18
Ascension Mission+12 balls27201:44
BUG School #1-1 balls1020:47
Basic Period+1 balls25110:30
Beauty Ball Buster-9 moves18141:36
Beauty Calamity+86 moves181015:51
Bloo and Sick Ivy+0 balls96383:11
Blue Hills+0 balls38423:17
Bowling+0 balls1000:17
Bridge Building | Across The Cliff+6 balls361456:52
Bright Sunlight+0 balls21783:46
Burning inside the Beauty Eyes-8 moves18101:50
Climbing Down-11 balls30281:15
Collect and Go+13 balls45604:40
Damsel in Distress+310 time181248:10
Darkness at | the Black Factory-2 balls43724:11
Definite Factory Tower+6 balls66300:59
Deja Vu+59 time18181:39
Destroying Unit-18 balls6412:33
Destruction of a Dragon, Flames of Fury+19 balls67444:17
Economic Divide2-20 balls171118:44
Entering a Red Vine+1 balls21351:54
Evil Factory+9 balls4659052:49
Far Lands - level 1+0 balls1430:19
Far Lands - level 2-1 balls15191:02
Far Lands - level 3-2 time4200:38
Far Lands - level 4+1 balls16302:28
Far Lands - level 5-1 balls201068:14
Far Lands - level 6+0 balls29546:22
Far Lands - level 8+170 time4603:49
Fixed Pulley+2 balls27485:51
Fly the Goos to the Sky-4 time8100:16
Fosters Home+0 balls1111109:53
Fuses of the Light-3 balls49345:34
Future Frozen Ice-13 balls45907:28
GOOmino+193 time16323:25
Going Up v2+0 balls2230:46
Goo Into Space-3 balls9271:44
Goo Shotgun+0 balls891:01
Great Escape-57 balls1828566:55
Growing Against Time-8 balls43775:00
Hazardous Environment-13 balls3352:39
Hole in the ground+0 balls301406:56
Horror of the | Deadly Metal Balls-4 balls46465:32
Hype Testing Chamber+0 balls1132:37
Ideal Lands+0 balls1990:22
Ivy Towers To The Sky-2 balls13913:24
Jingle Balls+0 balls57654:24
King Of The Jungle-12 balls13573:39
Launch the Goos-2 balls16593:19
Master of Launching-1 balls18442:36
Mastermind+296 time2155:26
Micronde-14 time13100:46
Nail Hill-27 balls13695:26
Piston+1 balls1290:38
Pixel Corner+12 balls3712412:40
Poison gas+0 balls21171:38
Pokemon-4 balls30331:53
Rambazamba+41 balls62252:53
Reaching For the Pipe+5 time450:17
Revolution+8 balls28121:40
Ridge Cave+1 balls29181:48
Robot Head Destroyers | Level 1+5 balls40654:06
Robot Head Destroyers | Level 2+7 balls47593:34
Robot Head Destroyers | Level 3+20 balls60516:52
Robot Head Destroyers | Level 4+15 balls60749:18
Robot Head Destroyers | Level 6+6 balls32924:44
Rotating Planet-4 time1270:16
Rubber Sheet Theory+113 moves1218714:19
Server Bytes Back-2 balls17381:26
Shaking Bug Lover+0 balls361073:51
Sick Ivy-17 moves0130:32
Slanting Cross+0 balls20100:25
Solar Sunset-23 balls26463:05
Spider Goo+15 moves8262:04
Spikes-1 balls1121514:21
Sticky on Fire+1 balls17291:26
Sunny Ledge+0 balls16192:10
Tester+0 balls208712:01
The Final Challenge-31 moves54844:30
The Forest+22 moves6525:26
The Gully+10 balls3814911:00
The Legends between | Red and White-2 balls32553:03
The Old Pc Tower+0 balls24804:02
The Other Side|of the Dispenser+48 balls6040:50
The Stripped Way+3 balls57866:49
Through The Gears+4 moves18576:56
Tower In Darkness-6 balls42321:49
Tower Of Goo Limited-10 balls6291:43
Train of Death+0 moves1310:55
Trinities of | Fire and Stone+0 balls30714:03
Tumbler 2+0 balls40160:45
Two Tasks+119 time6473:59
Varap+2 balls18324:15
Water Supportage Unit+0 balls3391:49
Waterlogged-8 balls20373:17
dOn't Drink And sWiMm+0 balls186211:12