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Colman's Profile
Events witnessed:
  • Connected to online leaderboard
  • World Of Goo Corporation opened
  • World Of Goo Corporation destroyed
  • Whistle found
  • Terms and Conditions accepted
Levels played: 243
Balls collected: 1030
Total time played: 5 days 4 hours
World of Goo Corporation
Balls available: 300 total
3 bound
297 free
11 new
Construction: 3 nodes
3 strands
Height: 1.15m
World of Goo Corporation Construction
Official Levels
OCD Balls Moves Time
Going Up+0 balls1130:17
Small Divide+0 balls1680:30
Hang Low+0 balls2260:49
Impale Sticky+0 balls42150:55
Flying Machine+0 time6100:16
Ivy Towers+0 balls16381:34
Tumbler+0 balls35291:50
Chain+0 balls25443:33
Fisty's Bog+0 moves10141:04
Tower of Goo+4 balls72391:20
Regurgitation Pumping Station+0 moves0421:35
Drool+0 balls24161:10
Fly Away Little Ones+0 balls12691:57
Welcoming Unit+31 balls92335:40
Beauty School-1 time1860:20
Leap Hole-4 time890:09
Volcanic Percolator Day Spa-8 moves18221:35
Beauty and the Electric Tentacle+7 balls36696:14
Whistler-8 time2620:21
Genetic Sorting Machine-8 moves18163:26
Burning Man-2 moves791:03
Second Hand Smoke-12 balls13160:59
Super Fuse Challenge Time-8 balls24221:38
Misty's Long Bony Road+2 balls28583:59
Upper Shaft+3 balls48857:16
Product Launcher-11 moves013:45
Blustery Day+2 balls20342:28
Hello, World+0 time940:09
Bulletin Board System-3 balls10373:09
Graphic Processing Unit+0 balls12203:33
Alice and Bob and the Third Party+1 balls43152:38
The Server Farm+1 balls25110:33
MOM's Computer-3 moves0121:14
Deliverance-2 moves051:26
Infesty the Worm+0 balls16161:55
Observatory Observation Station0110:59
Ode to the Bridge Builder-7 balls31331:41
The Red Carpet-25 moves18203:56
Grape Vine Virus-7 balls61607:18
Graceful Failure-9 time7170:27
Horizontal Transportation Innovation Committee-14 balls26443:17
Water Lock+0 balls4482:46
The Third Wheel+0 moves2191:32
Incineration Destination+1 moves16352:51
Road Blocks-1 moves10211:46
Weather Vane-2 balls40754:32
You Have To Explode The Head+0 balls49463:01
38 / 8 1,030 1,314 104:26
Fan Levels
OCD Balls Moves Time
Acid of Goo+6 time33230:43
AirBridge+1 balls13572:51
Albino's Bridge Passage+4 balls40271:04
Andar's Place-9 balls385816:45
Attractor Challenge 1-8 moves1440:32
Attractor Challenge 2-5 moves14131:06
Attractor Challenge 3-6 moves25442:54
Basic Period-3 balls21150:39
Beauty Ball Buster-8 moves18151:58
Bleeder Challenge 16362:13
Bleeder Challenge 215553:17
Bleeder Challenge 3251207:42
Blue Hills+0 balls38393:12
Breather Challenge 1+33 moves10561:56
Breather Challenge 2-9 moves24392:37
Breather Challenge 3-9 moves32118:28
Bug School 3+52 time201:01
Builder Challenge 1+0 moves18181:14
Builder Challenge 2-8 moves25201:45
Builder Challenge 3+0 moves31362:27
Burning inside the Beauty Eyes+10 moves18282:31
Bursted Flames | of Fury (Fire Level)-25 balls4528722:13
Captured+1 balls23343:37
Car+224 moves6824614:05
Central Processing GOOnit+1 balls451108:49
Chains-1 balls6294:14
Computerhazard+0 balls3560:28
Darkness at | the Black Factory-2 balls4310323:20
Dead Easy-1 balls101807:12
Deadly Roll Up+34 moves7684:13
Deep Water | Calamity (Water Level)-18 balls2435726:58
Definite Factory Tower-2 balls58381:05
Destroying Unit-19 balls5443:01
Destruction of a Dragon, Flames of Fury+11 balls59488:24
Detacher Challenge 1+4 moves8140:34
Detacher Challenge 2-4 moves10110:35
Detacher Challenge 3-4 moves1820:39
Draigar's Place+0 balls13445832:43
Drained Goos-37 balls21350555:26
Edge of bridge building+5 balls4015512:18
Element Buster-5 time12070:20
Emmu's Place-24 balls9925025:20
Entering a Red Vine+2 balls22342:05
Exploder Challenge 112100:36
Exploder Challenge 247604:08
Exploder Challenge 330255:07
Far Lands - level 1+0 balls1430:24
Far Lands - level 2-1 balls15191:03
Far Lands - level 3-13 time2220:27
Far Lands - level 4-3 balls12221:22
Far Lands - level 5-1 balls20844:04
Far Lands - level 6-27 balls2635:08
Far Lands - level 8-21 time4230:38
Fidalia's Place-18 balls39534:30
Flip+5 balls7229712:57
Fly the Goos to the Sky+5 time8140:25
Flyer Challenge 1101003:03
Flyer Challenge 2101405:21
Fuses of the Light-20 balls326510:36
Future Frozen Ice-18 balls4010711:41
Garbage Dump+1 balls5124713:40
Geometrys+9 balls5946628:01
Goo At War+114 time28454:04
Goo Fishing+101 moves2119010:42
Goo Into Space-4 balls8271:38
Goo Shotgun+1 balls981:04
Great IDEA of Goo1993:23
Growing Against Time+0 balls511188:13
Hard or easy+5 balls73763:46
High Pillar+0 balls24632:53
Hinder Challenge 1-4 balls11191:34
Hinder Challenge 2-5 balls19354:40
Hinder Challenge 3-9 balls19518:31
Hole in the ground-2 balls281107:08
Horror of the | Deadly Metal Balls-5 balls45675:07
Ice Age+195 moves5523616:35
Ideal Lands+0 balls1990:40
Igniter Challenge 11050:53
Igniter Challenge 217131:09
Igniter Challenge 336234:19
Jingle Balls+0 balls57975:57
Legado's Place-26 balls37633:37
Lemon-aid+0 balls15039129:12
Master of Launching-5 balls14424:06
Meet The Sign Painter620:34
New Ugly+0 balls36158275:46
Obsessive climbing-7 balls28752:41
Oil Spill-3 moves001:50
Pink Planet+595 time719711:25
Pixel Trouble+3 balls88120:48
PoisonIvy+0 balls49512:09
Power Overwhelming (Light Level)+0 balls9150346:23
Pulley-3 balls2721318:37
Ridge Cave-2 balls26211:22
Robot Head Destroyers | Level 1-5 balls30893:47
Robot Head Destroyers | Level 2-26 balls14924:55
Robot Head Destroyers | Level 3-6 balls34835:24
Robot Head Destroyers | Level 4+4 balls49685:40
Robot Head Destroyers | Level 5+47 balls7518321:19
Robot Head Destroyers | Level 6-5 balls211416:43
Robot Head Destroyers | Level 7+3 balls5583846:35
Rollercoaster+80 time9552:00
Sacrifice of Goo-20 balls10411:44
Screamers and Deaths | (Darkness Level)+4 balls9511412:16
Seesaw-2 time1120:19
Shakar's Place-15 balls8042035:09
Shaking Bug Lover+3 balls39271:29
Shooter Challenge 1-4 balls17391:22
Shooter Challenge 2-7 balls181136:17
Slanting Cross-5 balls15151:00
Smasher Challenge 1+73 time18141:54
Smasher Challenge 2-21 time54231:02
Solar Sunset-10 balls39964:37
Spider Goo+59 moves8703:53
Spiller Challenge 111492:12
Spiller Challenge 220693:37
Spiller Challenge 3+2 balls34101:05
Sticky on Fire+0 balls16311:21
Stuck in a Gear2985:07
Swimmer Challenge 1+6 balls18402:36
Swimmer Challenge 2+2 balls321087:13
Swimmer Challenge 3+8 balls401468:15
Test #1220:11
Test #2230:12
Test #3230:12
Test #4230:08
Test #5230:10
Test #6230:09
Test #7230:10
The Aftermath-2 balls15808:24
The BETA party10845967:10
The Final Challenge+78 moves5419310:40
The Green SubGOOrine+0 balls261246:41
The Legends between | Red and White-18 balls16333:35
The Second Cog In The Machine-6 balls3437932:29
The Stripped Way+5 balls597712:03
Through The Gears+25 moves18787:04
Tower in Antigravity+0 balls31295:04
Transfer Challenge 16101:09
Transfer Challenge 215261:27
Transfer Challenge 320483:35
Trinities of | Fire and Stone+0 balls30324:19
Tumbler 2+0 balls40151:19
UP-21 balls231357:15
Ugly School+222 time33234:17
Under Water-22 balls7823413:05
Virtual Reality (Wind Level)-3 balls37593:52
Virus-3 balls27462:01
Vitual Windy Dirty Goo+14 balls54412:02
Waker Challenge 1+1 time1330:35
Waker Challenge 2-7 moves2511:20
Waker Challenge 3+25 time3121:50
Water Supportage Unit+0 balls33142:17
Wrong idea of Goo-1 balls39221:54
Yellow Robot, Mysteries | and Dragon Tribes-2 balls6313610:06
Ze Forest-9 balls2829315:52
Zero G+0 balls761:20
common_pink-93 balls7111:08
the BETA level #1+0 balls17501:47
the BETA level #2-4 time18120:12
the BETA level #3+39 time35301:16
the BETA school26522:14