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Events witnessed:
  • Connected to online leaderboard
  • World Of Goo Corporation opened
  • World Of Goo Corporation destroyed
  • Whistle found
  • Terms and Conditions accepted
Levels played: 164
Balls collected: 1190
Total time played: 1 week 1 day
World of Goo Corporation
Balls available: 300 total
119 bound
181 free
38 new
Construction: 108 nodes
209 strands
Height: 48.13m
World of Goo Corporation Construction
Official Levels
OCD Balls Moves Time
Going Up+0 balls1130:04
Small Divide+0 balls1680:11
Hang Low+0 balls2260:19
Impale Sticky+2 balls44140:25
Flying Machine+0 time6120:16
Ivy Towers+0 balls1620:09
Tumbler+0 balls35220:24
Chain+5 balls3050:48
Fisty's Bog+0 moves10140:24
Tower of Goo+17 balls85230:35
Ode to the Bridge Builder+2 balls40260:34
Regurgitation Pumping Station+0 moves0422:26
Drool+5 balls29140:34
Fly Away Little Ones+0 balls12120:29
Welcoming Unit+26 balls87200:56
Beauty School-1 time1820:20
Leap Hole-4 time840:09
Whistler-5 time2620:24
Volcanic Percolator Day Spa-30 moves1800:34
Beauty and the Electric Tentacle+9 balls3800:41
The Red Carpet-24 moves18211:29
Genetic Sorting Machine-19 moves1951:31
Blustery Day+0 balls18230:57
Burning Man-11 moves3600:13
Second Hand Smoke+0 balls25110:32
Super Fuse Challenge Time+0 balls32160:16
Misty's Long Bony Road+3 balls29462:36
The Third Wheel-3 moves2261:49
Water Lock+0 balls4480:53
Product Launcher-11 moves011:10
Hello, World-2 time1660:07
Bulletin Board System-3 balls10352:39
Graphic Processing Unit+0 balls12262:03
Road Blocks-5 moves10170:26
Graceful Failure-25 time730:11
The Server Farm+2 balls26100:15
You Have To Explode The Head+36 balls8530:25
Alice and Bob and the Third Party+1 balls43303:11
MOM's Computer+36 moves0515:40
Deliverance+6 moves0131:04
Infesty the Worm+1 balls17452:30
Observatory Observation Station0120:52
Upper Shaft+6 balls51130:29
Grape Vine Virus-3 balls101087:08
Incineration Destination-12 moves16221:21
Horizontal Transportation Innovation Committee+4 balls44400:53
Weather Vane+7 balls49261:12
42 / 4 1,190 828 52:34
Fan Levels
OCD Balls Moves Time
AirBridge+1 balls13603:01
Albino's Bridge Passage+3 balls39301:22
Ascension Mission+12 balls27201:14
BUG School #1-1 balls10132:18
BUG School #2+223 balls22862:10
Basic Period+2 balls26100:32
Beauty Ball Buster-23 moves17901:00
Beauty Calamity+90 moves181057:18
Blue Hills+1 balls39392:18
Bowling+6 balls1600:00
Bridge Building | Across The Cliff+2 balls3232611:03
Burning inside the Beauty Eyes-7 moves18112:07
Climbing Down-11 balls30331:54
Collect and Go+18 balls501198:40
Conveyor Belt+1 balls41193:08
Damsel in Distress+192 time181106:12
Deadly Roll Up-14 moves3200:49
Definite Factory Tower+50 balls11000:39
Deja Vu+12 time18220:52
Destruction of a Dragon, Flames of Fury+12 balls603311:34
Drool2+2 balls5744741:24
Economic Divide2+0 balls37727:21
Escape from the World-10 balls22766:00
Evil Factory-11 balls26465:09
Fall Hold+0 balls15641:13
Far Lands - level 1+0 balls1430:15
Far Lands - level 2-1 balls15191:06
Far Lands - level 3-15 time10140:25
Far Lands - level 4+0 balls15311:42
Far Lands - level 5-1 balls20852:43
Far Lands - level 6+0 balls29927:20
Fire Bridge-1 time4661:29
Fire Trouble+0 balls1171:42
Fixed Pulley+128 balls15300:30
Flooded Grotto+111 balls12700:20
Fly the Goos to the Sky-3 time8100:17
Fosters Home+0 balls111965:31
Fuses of the Light-3 balls49788:45
GOOmino+8 time2020:20
Ghost+0 balls7180:43
Going Up v2+378 balls400241:07
Goo Into Space+9 balls21151:55
Goosweek's Lift-44 moves7525:55
Great Escape+139 balls21410612:30
Growing Against Time-1 balls50679:51
Happy Birthday-3 balls1130:35
Horror of the | Deadly Metal Balls+0 balls501127:04
Ideal Lands+1 balls2080:27
Ivy Towers To The Sky-3 balls1226715:08
Jingle Balls+128 balls185552:55
King Of The Jungle-4 balls2190:33
Launch the Goos-2 balls16642:23
Mastermind-7 time250:23
Micronde+0 time10101:00
Moon Unlocker-94 time1410:26
Piston+1 balls1240:12
Poison gas+0 balls21222:18
Pokemon+9 balls43221:23
Reaching For the Pipe+20 time450:32
Revolution+0 balls20201:11
Ridge Cave+0 balls28180:37
Robot Head Destroyers | Level 1+0 balls35622:46
Robot Head Destroyers | Level 3+22 balls62778:44
Robot Head Destroyers | Level 4+16 balls61945:03
Robot Head Destroyers | Level 6+30 balls56747:31
Rotating Planet+0 time1190:20
Shaking Bug Lover+3 balls39283:02
Slanting Cross+0 balls20100:19
Solar Sunset+0 balls49844:11
Spikes+0 balls1217513:55
Sticky on Fire+1 balls17562:13
Sunny Ledge+5 balls213216:47
Tester-7 balls13444:50
Thank you 4 Smoking-1 balls916612:28
The Final Challenge-113 moves23720:54
The Forest+24 moves6544:17
The Gully+7 balls3522113:41
The Legends between | Red and White+0 balls34578:13
The Old Pc Tower+0 balls24223:15
The Other Shaft-55 moves94341:36
The Other Side|of the Dispenser+47 balls5950:47
Through The Gears-11 moves18424:42
Tower In Darkness-3 balls45341:12
Tower Of Goo Limited-11 balls5281:15
Train of Death+0 moves1510:53
Try Again+0 balls50545:48
Tumbler 2+0 balls4070:10
Varap+18 balls34173:51
Volcano Craziness-33 balls452078:36
Water Supportage Unit+15 balls48417:06
Waterlogged-1 balls27283:00
Weegee's Abode+6 balls16433:43
Wet Chain-7 balls23785:35
Yellow Robot, Mysteries | and Dragon Tribes-2 balls639810:09
dOn't Drink And sWiMm+0 balls18171:19
iguana+0 balls1624117:05
jump+4 balls1415311:35
on the run+11 moves18223:02